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Sprint HTC Hero: 2.1 Android Update Release Date is Q2

More on the never-ending HTC Hero 2.1 update saga for you now, as Sprint has issued a fresh statement, informing customers that the update to Android 2.1 will now be landing sometime in Q2.

As reported from BGR, a Sprint Admin posted a message on the official forums bearing the bad news. Don’t forget that this comes straight after it was rumored that the update would be landing on 7th May, only for a Sprint Admin to then post a message defueling the rumors.

However, a new message from Sprint reads like this: ”We are on track for the upgrade to be available in Q2. Sprint had hoped to have this resolved by now – we thank our customers for their patience as we work to bring them a positive experience with this upgrade.”

So it now looks likely that HTC Hero owners on Sprint will see the update in June or July – shame they couldn’t narrow it down further.

Are you fed up with all of the delays? Let us know what you are planning to do.


  • JCC

    I called Sprint because of my picture mail not working due to the bugs in the phone. They asked me how long this was happening, I told them since March. They gave me a $40 refund because I told them I was paying for services I couldnt use. Hopefully others will do this to releive some stress!!

  • m l e a c h

    Couldn't wait, decided to use damage control rom. Works pretty good. In fact i'm using speech to text to write this. I will go back to the official rom if and when it is released.

  • RickT

    Seriously, between Sprint and HTC I don't know which is worst. Neither company actually supplies their phones with adequate accessories that flatter their products, and every month they come out with a new phone and forget about their previous phone. At least with Apple, their product and software along with their accessories are made for each other and compliment each other in every way. Seriously, I think I can care less about the upgrade, along with purchasing the HTC Evo, because a new firmware will be available and will take 3 years to get it on that phone. At least with Apple they deliver it you directly and you don't have to worry about going through AT&T and fixing anything.

  • You call Sprint and you get one story from one rep and another from a different rep case in point. I called Sprint this morning at 8:00am and inquired about the update to Android a Rep from tech support said "You can take your phone into a repair center and have the upgrade done there." I then called back one hour later at 9:00 to confirm this and was told “The update does not have a release date yet and Sprint does not have a definite date yet but we are hoping for this month."
    It would be in Sprints best interest I would think to have them Launch 2.1 prior to a new phone coming out especially if it will perform as expected. It will only help there sell of any new android phone to say we have the best not only in Our Devices but also our Software Team. Also releasing 2.1 sooner would help to see if there are glitches that Sprint themselves missed.
    I personally want a reliable update and am willing to wait for it. But Sprint need to get the DATA together and get everyone on the same page and put a end to all leaks. Damage control is needed. There only hurting themselves because of bad info coming from Sprint.

  • Darkness

    This sucks. I have been looking forward to 2.1 for months! Isn't it Q2 now! Sprint and HTC should have been working on this before the release, so there wouldn't be delays. I only hope that they are already working on Froyo, so when it hits, we can have that in a more timely fashion.


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