Sprint HTC EVO 4G: New Release Date and Price – Rumor

By Alan Ng - May 8, 2010

We have some interesting details for those of you who are planning to pick up the HTC EVO 4G handset from Sprint, as we have heard yet more rumors that June 6th will be the launch date.

As reported from BGR, we also have some pricing details that has accompanied this latest leak. The information has once again surfaced from the Shack, as they are looking likely to launch the device on June 6th – backing up previous rumors.

As for the price – expect to pay $200 on contract for it, or $600 without contract. This seems like a reasonable price for such a promising handset, so I doubt theres too many of you unhappy about this.

Should we now cross June 13th off our list? Probably not, but June 6th is looking increasingly likely folks. Let us know your thoughts on this.

Happy with the price?


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  • mr.perfect

    im getting the eeevvvooo

  • Michael

    I somewhat agree with Eric but the HTC HD2 is a Windows Mobile platform. HTC Moment, Hero, Eris, Droid, Incredible are all Android Platforms and have the google friendly user interface. I had the Hero and loved it but when I found out about a phone with a Bigger screen, faster processor, better camera, more memory, hot spot accessiblity and faster speeds in 4G areas then I returned my phone to await for this all purpose phone. Sprint plans are also the best bang for the buck.

  • Mark

    I was told by at best buy employee the release date will be June 13th with a price of $150 for a two-year contract.

  • Eric

    Dear Verbal…

    I think you can consider the HTC HD2 the first generation. there are a lot of similarities I think. but who knows I'll find out soon enough

  • Eric

    I know a girl that works for sprint as a tech, and she thinks that the EVO isn't coming out until late summer because the new blackberry is supposed to touchdown at the begining of summer. She said she hasn't taken a class for the EVO yet but is going this week to do her training for the new blackberry.

  • benodicktine

    iPhone 4G was expected to release at the WWDC on the AT&T network. However Apple has changed the WWDC date to June 7th, a whole two weeks ahead. Point begin, Sprint better release the phone by June 6th at the latest. A week earlier would be much better. They should start showing commercials for the phone now, so people are aware its coming. Hardcore fans have been dueling over it for sometime now but the majority of people have never heard of it.

  • Verbal Kent

    I hope the 1st generation EVOs don't have a lot of bugs like Sprint's Instinct did when it came out. This hurts 1st generations' sales because a lot of consumers wait until the 2nd generations come out (i.e. Instinct s30, Instinct HD, etc.) and the irregularities, screen freezes, and various other problems can be worked out.

  • guest

    as long as the phone lives up to the hype the price sounds reasonable

  • guest

    Can't wait. Price seems right about what I expected. Hope it runs as good as they say.

  • Yes, I hope it arrives in Puerto Rico by then!