Pampers Recall: Proctor and Gamble say rumors are false

We have heard a lot of details spreading about the possible dangers of a new Pampers product. The Dry Max Cruiser diaper is alleged to cause ‘chemical burns and rashes’ to babies, but Pampers has issued a press release, calling the rumors completely false.

As reported from Associated Content, the news is thought to have been spread by writer Anne Frankhudler at World They have provided no source for their information, prompting makers Proctor and Gamble to defend the claims.

Within the press release, a portion of the statement by Pampers Vice President Jodi Allen contains the following important information:

”We have comprehensively and thoroughly investigated these and other claims and have found no evidence whatsoever that the reported conditions were in any way caused by materials in our product.”

If you are a mother and have used this product before or are currently using, it seems there is no dangers at all from using this product. Read the full press release here for further information.

Let us know if you have any queries regarding this matter.


  • Nicole

    ha same here , i have twin boys and it hurt me so much that pampers dry maxs wouls do that … it would bleed when i wiped them 🙁

  • Kimberlee

    You forgot one thing on your list- do not use Pampers diapers as they can leave your child with scars.

    I think Pampers is making a huge mistake by being so defensive and unwilling to acknowledge that parents aren't just making this up. I changed my daughter religiously and it wasn't until I switched to Pampers Dry Max did she develop not just a rash but open sores and bloody wounds. It affected not just her private area but her legs where the diaper had touched and our pediatrician herself was baffled. It took 2 months of agony my daughter had to endure, nights where I left her without a diaper on in the hopes that it would help along with several prescription medications but nothing worked. Every time the diaper was back on, it hit even harder. I finally switched to a different diaper and within 1 day it was a night and day difference. At 6 months old she now has scars on her legs and private areas. She suffered and screamed every time she was put on her changing table. I'm not sure if you're a mother, but I'm assuming if you are then you'd understand. Myself and other mothers aren't pulling this out of their rear just because. I am upset that my daughter suffered and yet Pampers can't even acknowledge it. Instead, they give a list of "How To's". That's just asinine. Perhaps you should stop pointing the finger for a minute and realize that there IS a problem.

    • debbie

      I thought my son’s urine was burning his skin and I yelled at the daycare for letting him sitin his urine. I cried everyday I picked him up because he had open sores and cried at every change. I switched to Huggies and he has been fine.


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