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Nokia N8 32GB Version: Contender with iPhone 4G on AT&T?

We have some interesting news to bring you now, as it has been reported that a 32GB version of the upcoming Nokia N8 smartphone may be available soon.

As reported from Nok Nok, the device is set to ship with 16GB of memory, but a recent article over at SaudiMac revealed that they had managed to obtain a sample N8 device, to which “Nokia N8-00 / 32GB” was contained on the packaging box for the Nokia N8.

Nok Nok has stated that this could just be a reference to the 32GB of memory available via SD card support, but we actually think that a 32GB version of the Nokia N8 is more likely to happen – Nokia just hasn’t told anybody about it yet.

16GB will be sufficient for most phone owners, but 32GB will really appeal to a lot of you we feel. Don’t forget that the Nokia N900 has 32GB of onboard memory, so this could well be a possibility for the N8.

The device will be available in Europe first, but the device also has support for AT&T and T-Mobile USA bands, so we could be seeing a U.S release soon as well.

If a 32GB version of the device releases around the same time as the iPhone 4G, will this affect your decision on which phone to pick up on AT&T?

Let us know your thoughts on this.

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