New Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in development by Infinity Ward?

By Alan Ng - May 7, 2010

We have some exciting news for Call of Duty fans now, as Activision has confirmed that Infinity Ward are already working on a new Call of Duty game to be released in 2011.

As reported from Eurogamer, we already knew that IW’s game was part of a three game lineup which includes Call Of Duty – Black Ops, IW’s new title and a unannounced ‘action adventure’ CoD title by Sledgehammer Games.

Activision CFO Thomas Tippl did not go into specifics on IW’s title, but did have this to say in a recent investors call:

“What we have said is that Infinity Ward is working on a Call of Duty title and you’ll hear more details as we advance through the year.”

Although Activision did not confirm this, it is likely to be Modern Warfare 3 – as Infinity Ward look to continue onwards with the next entry in the series, despite having most of their developer team whiped out.

The last we heard, is that MW3 had been delayed due to the ongoing lawsuit, but if it is in development as we speak – then it’s obviously fantastic news.

Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • bULLpaINe

    the call of duty series starts from INF.WARD and the treyarch are fools and copy infinity ward so that means that the mw3 will have complitley different things no second change nothing from BLOPS they gonna poot off the final stand the noobyube the one man army ..that s all about multi ….in single they said that we ll follow the story of SHOST THAT is AWSOMEEEE !!!!!this game ll fuck blops and proove that inf ward is the best call of duty maker and then the blops sucks !!!!!!

  • cory

    i hope that they just put everything thats good from mw2 and black ops into mw3 like nuke, commando (gun and perk), and the thing where you can put a gun to semi auto, 3 round burst, or fully auto oh and keep the m16 in there 2. OMG!!!!!!! im so f***in excited for mw3 cant wait

  • Adam

    MW2 Crap,Black Ops Shocking Battlefield Bad Company 2 Great, Battlefield 3 Game of the year

    The END

    • You Suck

      If you think COD is crap why do you bother looking up COD MW info/ articles and read/ post comments.
      Have you nothing better to do with your time?

  • Just TwiZted

    I think IW and Treyark should do a COD togather,Start from WW2 to Present..That would be cool

  • Phem

    Most of infinity ward left because Activision refused to post pone MW2 because it was not finished.
    and IW are not really going to be working on it, they are only "helping on the single player".

    So even if they are working on it, another company will do the multiplayer side,

    For me this is Activision's last chance for me to be a customer,
    If MW3 turn's out shit, I will never buy any of their games again,
    This may include Diablo 3.

    Franchising games is shit I am sick of forking out money every year for unfinished games,
    that don't work properly when they are released
    and I wont have it any more.

  • the 1 and only

    dident infinity ward get kickt of the cod. so its only trajark and activision thats gona crate all new cod games?

  • Official bill on 360

    Gaz (Deceased) – Killed by direct gunshot wound to the head by Imran Zakhaev.
    Weapon used: Desert Eagle .50 AE

    Ghost (Deceased) – Killed by General Shepherd, died by either:
    a) burning
    b) smoke
    c) gunshot
    d) bled out
    e) a combination of any of the above
    Weapon used: Colt Anaconda .44 Magnum

    Niether is dead they were rescued……

  • Official Bill on360

    I heard from a source that they are not allowed to make another "modern Warfare" title im guessing maybe the lawsuit may have to due with them using the title still to continue the sequel maybe? it couldnt of been the terrorist level cause as soon as you start the campain it states that certain level may offend some and if you still want to play it so you basicly had a choice to play it or not.

  • Adam G

    i think it will be great,i liked modern warfare2,the story was good,and when i finished it i was wanting it 2 continue….hope it mw3 and not another black ops….hope its still the same people frm mw2 tht lived plus more people tht mak it the best call of duty game out of them all.

  • ali saad

    it should be called modern warfare 3 ww3

  • ???

    shepard is dead he got knive in the head and if he dident did of that he would of died still beacuse of bleeding too much

  • Your Dogs Pet

    Black ops=sucks MW2=only campain is good Gameplay for both too easy
    Try Halo, i know it's not realistic but it does require some skill
    @ Kevin How could Sheppard be alive, he took an at least 7 inch knife to the eye, which would have penatrated his brain, therefor insta kill, and even if he survived for a few minutes no one could have found and saved him in time.

    • ???

      yes some 1 that agrees with me about the sheepard thing

  • Lipano

    yes im so happy that there is a mw3.

  • Anonymous

    Black Ops is trash. I think they rushed it for a quick buck. Also if Infinity Ward doesn't make Modern Warfare 3 I'm not buying it, simple as that.

  • Josh

    dude call of duty and battlefield are technically the same fun so they both are awesome

  • Guywhocanplayanfps

    You all make me die inside. Seriously quoting comics and everything… it's a game. I think you all need to come to grips with reality and realise that you're playing a GAME. One that takes no skill. As people just camp it out and get kills… sorry but where's the fun in that?
    Learn to play an FPS faggots and run around. Camping just gives you a good leaderboard record which you earned through basically cheating.


    i think the call of duty campaign is to short. cant they make a call of duty of about 3x8gb disc or 4x8gb disc. that would make us enjoy the call of duty until the next one is coming out.

    • Josh

      yea true the only long campaign was black ops

  • Danny

    y isnt anyone asking when are the developers of call of duty gonna get revenge for getting ripped off by activision. i feel that if activicion keeps doing this call of duty then modern warfare series will end up lik black ops dnt get me wrong its tite yo but somehow i feel like if i scratched the hell of it hence not be able to play it i would do jux fine ya digg? now MW if a scratch goes on that cd even on the case ill go mad. is anyone getting wat im saying i feel like activision is gonna kill the whole series mark my words fellow gamers it will happen black ops is only the start. but i will always love MW No Homo

  • cools007

    if this is anything like black ops (for the ps3) i refuse to get it what a steaming pile of crap the online multi-player is….they have done nothing NOTHING to help the ps3 community so sorry as i said im saving me money and gettin something worth playing

  • callan

    you do know iw split and most have gone to respawn gaming

  • Dan

    IW makes way better CoD games than treyarch.

  • thanu

    please put zombies in mw3 a better zombies map ad better game play

  • Lachy

    Black ops is set in 1960s thats pretty crap, we want modern warfare thats what makes it better. And btw Gaz could be ghost, ghost is all mystique and stuff and i think soap knows its gaz becos they know eachother so well, and i no a bullet wound to the head but perhaps by some freak of nature he survived? its happened b4. And in MW2 where the hell is England? they didn't even help America there trusted ally. Anyway i think America will eventully kick russia's ass out of the US and they retaliate by throwing all theve got at Russia. Meanwhile Price Soap and Nilolai team up with Kamarov and his squad who try to prevent a WW. And for a twist they finally corner makarov until Nikolai betrays them, Nikolai is Makarovs brother OMG right? Nikolai kills Kamarov but price pulls his gun up shoots makarov and soap restrains nikolai. But meanwhile Remirez is on the frontlines when they get a report that the Us is now Occupied by the Chinese and Koreans OMG right? Is this ok?

  • Lachy

    Theres going to be a bad cod game… Cos theres gonna be a new cod game that ppl think is mw3 but its not. You play as pvt Keeshon Lewis and its set after mw1 and all u do is await orders repair humvees and talk to soldiers. The real Mw3 is coming in may 2011. I was on IGN and they say the best campaigns of all cods excluded MW2. WTF is wrong with you, its awesome easy to follow and has a twist near the end. Who saw general shepherd a traitor?

  • matt

    I think they should call it mw3 the begining of the end ,but then they make 1 in 2012 called mw4 the last push. thumbs up if u agree

  • reedy38

    yes awesome,but will u be soap most of the game cuz last game all the people u played died?

  • Dan

    they better make quickscoping in mw3 unlike black ops x.x

  • Brandon

    honestly i personally thought mw2 was a lil better than black ops just graphic wise and some of the realism of war. i aint hatin on black ops it was still awsome and the multiplayer was awsome but mw2 was pretty much there on the cod franchise jus a few things need to change like the knife distance come on thats a lil unreal. cant wait for iw to come out wit mw3 that goin to change the cod franchise forever. for u bfbc2 players on this page talkin shit bout cod yall can go **** yourselves that game all over sucked i bout jus to try it and i sent it back that same day the graphics the gun catagories everything sucked *** and it really disappointed me.

  • MarcusSweden

    Can`t wait any more.:)

  • zap

    i dont really mind commando considering the strength of weapons in that game

  • omar

    better than a ax at yur head lol (tomahawk)

  • Lewis_Scott

    The killcam is doing that because that is what actually happened. It's just the lag. And no, they should keep the shotguns as a secondary weapon, it's much better.

  • Aaron

    Camp of Camp: Camp Camp 2 was and is s***. Multi-player is so unbelievably noob-friendly it's unreal. Now that most of the team who made the first two are gone, maybe now they won't base the game on how the devolpers want to play it… Camping in a corner with cold-blooded and ninja on, or marathon, lightweight and commando on. They need to fuse both Black Ops and CoD 4 together to get the prefect game. Throw in a little CoD 2 in there as well.

  • mm224

    why do you people keep saying that sledgehammer games is making mw3 THEY'RE NOT DONT BELIEVE PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET it is being made by infinityward just to let you know activision supported iw in the rebuilding process and they said theyre making a game thats coming out in 2011

  • michael

    it probaly come out in nov. sometime 2011

  • Jack_Meehoff

    Hopefully the multiplayer is better than shit black ops!!!! F*** Josh Olin this game is going to rape Black Ops in Sales cuz its made by a real developer! bring sniping back!!!

  • Leon

    If The Player Cheats On The PC Version Of Modern Warfare 2 In The Mission Loose Ends. If You Guys Noclip You’ll See That The Shadow Company Soldiers Only Cover Roach With The Gasoline. But If You Look At Ghost When He Was Thrown Next To Roach He Has Two Bullet Holes On His Chest. So Ghost And Roach Are Likely Dead

  • tom

    man this mw3 shit sound like fun i only play for campiagins

  • Mr Chingon

    What modern warfare series needs is the gore that world at war had. World at War had body parts flying off with explosins and bullet impact in online multiplayer gameplay.

  • Andy

    black ops sucks. Mw2 sucks you into the game with all the extra sounds and black ops is to quiet + where is the heart beat sensor on here its been missed out.

    • orlando

      Hey andy, the reason why black ops didn't have hearbeat sensors is because heartbeat sensors weren't invented in the 1960's you f***in retard.

  • Ty

    Two games are coming out next year. Modern warfare 3 and call of duty 8. MW3 is by IW, and COD8 is by sledgehammer.I liked all cod games 1-black ops (played since I was little) really like MW2 and why did everyone care about what prestige you were I mean you don’t get better. MW3 would be cool if it had updated spec ops, nazi zombies, campaign, multiplayer/player match; wager match; private match; combat training; team task.

    I don’t understand why people want realism in a game I mean its a game if you want realism go join the army. I have no life you will say but not like I care what you think. But little kids play the game but just don’t put your mic in until your balls drop okay? It sorta annoys everyone.Also cod 8 is supposed to be real life missions taken from real army people and stuff just names changed and stuff so you realism guys might like that!

    -ty out from la

  • black ops would be a joke compared to modern warfare 3 🙂

    • Tyler Moore

      And you would know wouldn't you…

  • zamagamer

    i think that sledgehammer is making a call of duty game, but not MW3 until activision is sure sledgehammer is up to the task. Activision isn't stupid in making decisions, besides Black Ops's graphics. They will wait until they are ready to make MW3

  • jack zman

    r u sure this isn't just bull **** about sledgehammer making MW3 and it is really IW making it?

  • jacko

    i hope the modern warfare 3 storyline improves it was fucking shit in modern warfare 2.But the online was epic

  • dylan

    i hope thay make a morden warfare 3

  • Justin

    I'm sure modern warfare 3 is gonna suck just like all the others if they even make one. Also all of you who think any cod game is realistic should quit playing and get a life. If you want a game that makes since and is at least remotely realistic play splinter cell conviction. The reason I say this is cause when you shoot them in the head they die unlike the cod series where they can take a .50 caliber round to the head and walk around like nothing happened. But if you want to waste your money on another crappy game thats you i'm saving my money.

  • Zombie_Soldier_187

    that SKVISCO guy is right, Sledgehammer sucks, Treyarch is OK, Infinity Ward is awesome! Agree?

  • Zombie_Soldier_187

    what kind of idiot cares about other military shooters when you have the one and only COD franchise

  • Zombie_Soldier_187

    black ops is good but it's gonna be crap compared to the one and only MW3

  • azza

    black ops and modern warfares are made by different people, iw and treyarch. the are obviously gonna be different so i dont no how people can diss black ops, the game is quality, just cuz its not like modern warfare 2 doesnt meens its not the bomb! if black ops was desighned to be like modern warfare 2 then what would be the point in buying it, there would be because u already have modern warfare, therefore stop complaing about black ops and suck dick

  • vaden

    all I know is black ops sucks yo! MW2 is great! agree?

  • isutiastions

    What about sledgehammer to make mw3?



  • JHouser

    well Infinity Ward didn't make Black-Ops, Treyarch did you freaking jackwagon. MW3 is in the works to be produced with mid 2011 as the release date, not specified yet, and of course with part of the IW staff gone, it may get postponed. Christmas next year!

  • GaM3r Tag

    this is from the official modern warfare 2 website:
    "With Modern Warfare 2 being out, Infinity Ward is already working on the "next installment" of the series, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, where you take on the role of PVT. Keeshon Lewis.
    There will also be a Wii version of the game that includes a 17-pound controller, that's shaped like a M-259 Machine Gun."

    • renzokuken

      dude thats from onion news. they make fake news for entertainment. haha

      • Ryan

        hahahahaha what a retard for believing that

  • Frostieez

    No offence but if you payed attention activision has already said that infinity ward isn't making MW3… activision owns the rights to the Call of Duty series and has explained their reasons for not wanting them to make it, also like the point out that Infinity ward is no longer a company.. it lost half it stalf and all the CEOs resigned… IW will not be making MW3 and i highly doubt they will ever make another game.

    • zack`

      they dont have the rights to the modern warfare series though…….

  • DJ M4C

    MW3 will be off the chain. It WILL set a permanent world record for sales in 24 hrs, im guessing 10 million. It WILL be the Best cod ever. I also want an extra long storyline like 30 hours or sumthing. not 5. nd for u BFBC2 freaks get the fuck off this page seriously ya’ll r fucking annoying

    • Bob the carrot

      I doubt it, black ops pretty much used all the ideas. Unless you can think of any significant ideas (apart from graphics) it is going to be a waste of money.

  • me123

    im glad they are coming out wit mw3, i have black ops and beat it. i like infinity ward a lil bit better mostly cause of ghost, cause hes my favourit fuckin character he is awesome, when he died i was like what the fuck. ya so infinity ward has to have a ghost redemption modern warfare, people would really like it. i would…

  • call of duty

    mw3 all the way better be quick scooping x box 3shitsty sucks bad ps3 bitchs and better not be commondo nubes

  • ur mu,

    mw2 all the way fuckvu hater mother fuckers bitchs and fuck x box 3shitsty

  • amir

    roach is soap?

  • If you want realisim, go play Project Reality. Its a modification for Battlefield 2. Its very realistic, has insurgency based modes, also has big war modes. And gloriously, YOU CAN DRIVE VEHICLES. It is also all multiplayer, but has a coop function for fighting the computer and learning the ropes. at least try it…

  • Sizzleminizzle

    Apparently there was an idea that they were gonna base one part of a game or a whole game on Ghost because he was so loved so yeah I dunno bout that, and of course there’s gonna be a MW3 cause they know that there are so many COD lovers out there and of course the smart thing to do is to make another COD and get lots of $$$$. That’s what I’d do anyway. Peace lol:)

  • alex

    na general sheperd is dead..that nigga soap stabed that shit outa his eye

  • Kevin

    im calling the shocker now, remember you heard it from me first General Shepard is still ALIVE

    • zac

      im sure people can survive when knives are thrown at their head

      • Sam Sinex


    • Andrew

      I don't think that is possible, because soap through the knife right into his head and he got no medical attention like soap.

      • Jakob

        Nah It happens all the time, people always survive a combat knife being thrown into their face 😛 (Sarcasm)

        • Tyler Moore

          oh yes i remember i was throwing my combat knife in the air it fell and went 5 inches into my brain all they did was cut my head in half and take it out, of course he is still alive

    • sumguy


      • Alex

        It could be possible, that Arizona politician got SHOT in the head and survived. Also I can't remember his name but one of the main guys on black ops got stabbed in the eye and survived.

        • Harry

          He got his eye cut out.Hes not getting a knife in the head. And his name is "Weaver"

        • dude

          She had serious medical attention and shepherd had no attention after being killed unless he was found but I can't think of a reason why he should be reintroduced into the series

  • Maurice

    Finally i New they were coming out with mw 3

  • ICEharbinger

    Hahaha. BFBC2 sucked. People who switched from MW2 to BFBC2 played for maybe a month, and then started playing MW2 again. And it doesn't take skill to play MW2? Hahaha. Maybe you just suck at it? I've played both, and I like the campaign and live on MW2 better. Sure there's less stuff to blow up on the maps, but the weapons look better, and the maps look better. BFBC2 had shitty graphics quality. And I have a damn nice LED. Plus, the UI on MW2 is much simpler, and very clean.

    • Jack_Meehoff

      im a call of duty player. but it sounds like you suck at bfbc2. bfbc2 was a good game but the gameplay was completely different then mw2 or any call of duty game. bfbc2 is a good game but its not for everyone.

      • Jakef0sh0

        I was one of those MW2 Guys who went out and bought BFBC2.. and really. that game has crappy graphics and is TOOOOO Easy. I run and gun in battlefield and it gets boring after 2 hours and sold it Nothing beats COD (BLACK OPS ORRR MW) MW would be ultimate if it was HACK FREAKIN FREE!! p.s. someone make Coutnerstrike lol for the 360 😀

  • Anonymous

    BFBC2 is easily the more realistic game to all of the COD games. MW2 is no fun, its just run and gun that gets pretty boring after a few hours of gameplay if u ask me =S its just a shoot em up for the masses that doesn't require much skill at all to be fair seeing as somebody who's just got the game could quite easily kill a guy thats just spent the last year playing it. If you want a realistic modern warfare game which requires at least some brain power to play well and involves at least some skill, guys just invest in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and u wont regret it…. full stop

    • Ryan

      ummmm who cares really? both games delivered what they needed to. So, in my opinion, who gives a crap on which game is better? As long as i get to pwn some noobs, I'm happy lolz

      • G4ggl30nMyTub3

        To the original post ^^

        Try switching game modes, OR play competitivly…. 'fullstop'

  • unknownguy

    mw2 is just going 2 be like mw fail more BS more camp tastic srry guys call of duty just doesnt take any skill 2 play at all thatgoes 4 all the cods

    • shooteverthing19

      maybe cause u suck at it lol

      • JHouser

        try playing with the people who are actually good at it. Anyone worth a damn could kill a camper from halfway across the map without holding his breath. It takes quite a bit of skill. in order to play well.

    • Jack_Meehoff

      LMAO wat game do you play?? ill play you 1v1 in any call of duty game and you will never beat me. we can even turn radar always one so you can see where i am. lmao

  • killersteve09

    Cant wait.They should make mw every year not every 2 years mw3 is due on may 2011.

    • zap

      r u sure

      • Paraza99

        If it was coming out in May they would have had trailers come out for it last year.
        Elder Scrolls V comes out in November and the first trailer for that was in December last year.

  • GaMeR Opinions

    MAN!! Finally! modern warfare 3 finally in development! cant wait to continue soap, price, nikolai and makarov story…. the story in modern warfare is so great and interesting…
    cant wait to hear more news… and… uh i hope IW can add bots on in this MW trilogy just like what Treyarch did to Black Ops in Combat Training mode… it will be so awesome!!!

    • the oger

      i loved combat training it was a great idea in the series

      • Jack_Meehoff

        good idea and it should also allow you to create game modes

  • ;jose

    LOL I think it should be called WWIII it would be really interesting

    • jude_ist

      we are in word war 3 now dip s**t

  • Mike

    Dude calm down

  • Adam

    the one thing i hope they make diff in this game is to make it more realistic, the weapons for example the m16 in real life can be switched to single semi or full auto. they need to put that in this game, an option to switch burst modes

  • mickel

    Call of Duty: modern warfare 3 should be title '' WW3 ''

    • Leon

      stfu and go home.

  • Ron

    Yea, whats up with the Black ops crap….I want Modern Warfare 3!!!!! I don’t want zombies. There’s too many games that out like that. Modern Warfare is the only game that is realistic about war and that’s what I liked about it.

    • Well, it isnt a super realistic game, I mean, anyone can use any weapon, health regenerates, and somone gets shot with a 50 cal and then launches a nade at you and kills you…. But, its more realistic than most. The weapons, asaide from their balistics, are rather real. You should buy Battlefelid 2 and download project reality if you want a very real game.

      • Jack_Meehoff

        Hands down coming from a COD Player, BFBC2 is the most realistic war game you will ever play!

        • guy

          It's not that realistic there's more realistic ones out there… In real war someone can't be shot 50 times than revived with a defribulator

    • Bill

      Man its the system. their both great games dont fuck with them.

    • Dude

      ROFL modern warfare 1 and 2 are some of the most completely unrealistic games I've ever played. Dude if war games were realistic they wouldn't be fun and since you say there realistic I take it you've been in war?

  • Im happy if they take out the nade launcher and put the 1911 back in. And dont make it so freakin easy to hack…

  • Roachie

    There will be MW3 no doubt, just they needa stop this black ops, world at war shit, WE ONLY WANT MODERN WARFARE 3!!! If we want something different we go to bfbc2

  • VGM

    Also Soap was knived so he could die and it means that there is a question about what happened to him.Is he alive or dead?

    • He has to be alive, soap is a key person in the series, and price treated him on the spot, and probbably on the flight, so he is most likely alive.

    • sam

      he's alright dont worry

    • jude_ist

      Soap is gonna die no way would any one servive that stab with out amidate medical atention, yes there will be a mwf3 justbecause there has to be they were said basing it off the official 6-series comic books that are revolved around Ghost's life so that means it this is true there will be 6 of them one per comic book, thus all of you have no idea what fighting a war is really about, so befor you conplain about the game think about this way it is only an fucking game. Eh they need to make one that is Canadian based, Oh wiat a minute We are not a war fighting country we are a peace keeping country so they really cant do that it would make a stir if you know what i mean,

      you should all get a life and go to work or get a job then maybe you will see what the real world is about . and yes i know what i am talking about when i say this game is nothing close to real war and why might you ask why can you go to war at 16 and to play this game you have to be 17 it's only rated M and in canada you have to be 17 to join the forces 17 so yes you can die for your country at 17 "there is no grater honour then to die for ones country"

      • James

        He would survive. It’s a video game not real life

      • Pete

        You are extremely ignorant and stupid. If you’re going to try and sound smart, you might want to attempt to spell some words correctly. Also, it would probably be for the best if you didn’t contradict yourself constantly, ok? Your welcome.

    • frvstd

      Shepherd got a hitmarker with his knife, sad

      • Dadsada

        LOL! 😀

  • Jared L

    I agree Ghost is dead and they have to make a MW3 because Markarov is alive and plus the pilot that takes Soap and Price away at the end of campaign sais he knows a place and Price sais you know they'll be coming after us.

    • Mark

      Saying that Makarov is still alive is apretty wild assumption since he was engaged in a full battle at the bone yard against Sheperd's man and from what we learnt about sheperd, he is not a man to leave a battle unfinished. So I seriesly believe that Makarov and his men were wiped out at the bone yard.

      • bulletproof_305

        Makarov wasnt at the bone yard

  • Tony J

    They have to make a MW3, because the story isnt finished. Makarov is still alive plus Price and Soap have to clear their names.

    Agreeing to the previous post, Ghost is Dead…

    • GP Bales73

      Also if you remember at the end after you kill Shepard Price picks your half-dead body up and charries you to the chopper and he says “we need to lay low” and the pilot says “I know a place”

      So the story can’t be finished like that.. If it is I will be mad as hell.

    • sky V

      makarov's character is done. he's no longer cared about anymore. he was the main target but then sheperd stepped in. and now hes dead. what i'd be worried about is the impending US invasion of russia. that was hinted towards in the end of the last rangers mission. russia commited an act of war and destroyed the east coast and capital. so retaliation? i think so.

  • Yusuf

    Gaz (Deceased) – Killed by direct gunshot wound to the head by Imran Zakhaev.
    Weapon used: Desert Eagle .50 AE

    Ghost (Deceased) – Killed by General Shepherd, died by either:
    a) burning
    b) smoke
    c) gunshot
    d) bled out
    e) a combination of any of the above
    Weapon used: Colt Anaconda .44 Magnum

    Gaz IS NOT Ghost. They may have the same voice actor, but Gaz is not Ghost. Period. Ghost may be based off of him (hence the name and voice actor), but they're not the same person. You can even read the official 6-series comic books that are revolved around Ghost's life, it just isn't possible. Ghost's real name is Simon Riley.

    • Jade

      Yes but Gaz might just be a nickname as well, so you cannot really say that. Thanks. Bye.

    • Leon

      no, no no no no NO! Gaz was not killed. He was shot in the shoulder…and if you think that is BS, why dont you tell me who you think Ghost is in MW2??? Ya, thats right. Its Gaz. He lives to fight another day and kick more ass.

  • Michael

    Can’t wait!!! Anyways Ghost better survive because there is a chance he could..this is why 1) I saw that he was shot on the right side and the bullet exited on the back right side which can be survivable 2) and also when they poored the gas they only poored it on roach so ghost couldn’t have been burned……. Well that’s all I have to say

    • Ethan

      well,i have a counter for your points 1 and 2, 1. Even if the gunshot was survivable, he was lying out in no where,so he would have most likely bled out,etc. You se my point, he wouldn’t have ben saved. 2. Why would they only burn Gary “Roach” Sanders? Any common sense would be to burn both , and then if the 0.000001% chance they didn’t burn him, the gasoline is explosive,and the still would have burned him, or having to breath all that smoke after being shot would have killed him,so I’m sorry but, Ghost is dead… 🙁 I really like him to,maybe gaz wil come back ?

      • Michael

        The sniper teams are still there…..remeber when you start the level there are two snipers at the top of the hill where you start off

        • joe

          toad dies , archer lives

      • Joe

        im pretty sure gaz is ghost.

    • sam

      If ghost's coming back, he'll be back on a wheel chair

    • Joe

      I heard that this is actually a prequel about how Ghost came to be. It supposedly takes place in the early days of his campaign

  • cronus

    this game will change the whole way you think about call of duty. it will be completey different.

    • Negro


  • Anonymous

    I have a question.

    Will modern warfare 3 be made by infinity ward still????

    • H.V

      uhm DUHHHHHHH modern warfare series was made by infinity ward if treyarchtook it i d say call of duty is fail besides modern warfare 1 and 2

      • Clarky-20

        If they do it will be crap just look at black ops, its ok but it isnt beatting Modern Warfare 1 or 2

        • renner

          Black ops is bomb ur fuckin crazy i wont disagree that treyarchs W@W was shitty but black ops isnt bad better than MW2 but fersure infiniti ward has theyre game on lock

      • MLaneH

        if it isnt made by infinity ward ill refuse to buy it. treyarch has made cod world at war and black ops, they both suck

    • sam

      yep, cause infinity ward is the only one that have the right to make a call of duty game in modern time

    • Some random guy

      Infinity ward is so longer "alive"

    • yes it will

    • michael

      dude the guys who made cod 4 and warfare 2 were fired. so warfare 3 is goin to be horrable.

  • lee may

    what i dont get is how can u fight a real war at 16 but to play this game its a18 lol

    • Anonymous

      you cant enlist until 18 numnutts

      • Oliver

        you can join HM armed forces at 17 with your parents consent

        • Jon

          Navy you can join at the age of 16 with parents consent

        • Chris

          You can not join the Navy at 16 as it is governed by the same laws as every other branch of the US Armed Forces which all stipulate 17 with parents consent.

        • Hernan

          U can join British forces at 16 but can’t serve on operations ti 18!!

  • bob

    The lawsuit was probably from that terroist level in Modern Warfare 2 lol that was alot of fun to me.

    • N166A

      no it was because the two top people in IW are being sued by activision

      • dfghjkl

        other way round, activision were doing 'police like checks' on the Infinity Ward team, sweeping in and putting them under mass interrogation, i failed to gather why this lead to a lawsuit but that's the reason.

    • bhargava

      the 2 main guys were fired because they broke their contracts with activision. But activision didn’t pay bonuses for mw2 so they broke the contract and the 2 best guys in infinity ward are fired :(. activision should of given the bonuses and everything would of went well. im worried about how mw3 will end up like with the 2 main people

    • Cracker Toa

      it has nothing to do with that i believe its from some legal agreement that the head guys of IW broke its just a shame how activision dealt with it more then half the original guys that were in IW are gone so if they make another modern warfare it mite not be the same

  • joe

    finnally lol :PP

    • Darren

      Ya hopefully its better than MW2. Mw2 had way to many problams. Played it a few and didnt like so i didnt even buy it but the first one is still great 🙂

      • jj

        modern wafer 2 was so dope ur a fucking idot

    • dylan