Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) Map Pack 2: Release Date before 2011

By Alan Ng - May 7, 2010

We have some great news for Modern Warfare 2 fans now, as Activision has just confirmed that Map Pack 2 for the game will be available before the end of this year, probably around the Christmas period.

As reported from VG247, the company revealed the news during their Q1 2010 financials. They didn’t go into specifics on whether map pack two would be coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360 at the same time, or if the content will be exclusive again, like the Stimulus Pack which has just found its way over to the PS3.

Still though, it is great news for fans who didn’t expect another map pack until 2011. Will we get another five maps to play around with? Hopefully it will be all new content this time, and not content from the old game.

What are your thoughts on this? What would you like to see in map pack two?

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  • I_hate_9_south

    They are going to sell new map packs because black ops is going to be trash think about it. Makes sense all they are showing is trailer clips the movie 10000 bc look great but we new how so wrong it was. Think about it!

  • jordan

    If you lot are ps3 players add me psn: GhostFace_08 ill merk you lool and i carnt wait till black oaps i heard its really good n manz seen the trailers 2

  • Bistoballs

    Love to see crossfire and pipline with a new 3-5 new maps ( they’d are my adias) a cruiseship/shipreck a bombed city a row of jets for round corner experiance and maybe a mantion all please coment I would pay £12.99

  • mez

    like wot ya thinkin a think that'd be pretty damn awesome

  • jdbo

    i would like to see a map that takes place at night and just for that map everyplayer uses night vison goggles or perhaps a run down baseball or football stadium.

  • jim

    well call of duty black ops is out on 11.9.2010 what is the point in bringing out a map pack so late

  • lj23

    How about dey don't give us cod4 maps at all if I wanna play cod4 maps ill just play cod4 mw2 a diffrent cod so we should get brand new maps and only brand new maps. Map pack before this cod costed $10 for 4 new maps dey chargin $15 for 3 new maps and 2 old ones if dey gonna charge $15 it should be 5 new maps

  • Guest

    I actually thought the new map pack map storm was horrible and the old maps are still more enjoyable to play on. I would like to see a new map pack out this summer before august with crossfire and ambush from Cod4 and yes the price should be brought down from $15 to aleast $10.

    Personaly i think COD is losing its touch and character and not planning to buy black ops but i am going to buy bad company 2 i hear good things about that compared to MW2

  • barry chuckle

    strike and showdown should be included, creek is possibly the worst map ever made in fps

  • Dynski

    Ambush*… i made a typo and said Invasion before. Ampush from Call Of Duty 4 was the BEST map from Search And Destroy and Team Deathmatch. I really hope that they bring that map back… who agrees?

  • Dynski

    I would love to see the map Invasion (The map with the busted up tanks in the middle with half blown up buildings around). That was literally the best map for search, and team deathmatch.

  • CoD

    I’m glad they’re doing more map packs, but honestly once Black Ops comes out, I won’t be willing to buy any more map packs for this game. I actually most likely won’t buy a 2nd mw2 map pack if EITHER it costs $15 again OR comes out any later than july.

    • chocparsnip

      Now it's going to be someone other than IW doing the games i think they'll lose some of the romance and gameplay so i'll be waiting to see what the new game is like before playing it after the diabolical world at war that came from treyarch i'm looking forward to the new medal of honour instead

  • i like children69

    I hope they put the Washington map and castle map that were in the campaign in the map pack… that’d be sexy

  • CBoy95

    Would like to see pipeline and backlot. Oh and maybe Ambush.

  • mw2sucks

    if they dont release the maps by august i wont by it besides why invest money on a piece of shit game when cod black ops is coming in november, if infinity whore is smart they'll release the maps as soon as possible and try to get all the money they can off mw2 once cod black ops is out no one with a brain is still gonna play mw2

    • BlackOpsSucks

      How wrong were you!! MW2 is still outplayed more than the sorry excuse for cack ops. HAHA

  • Colts420

    Wouldlike to see Creek back and maybe Downpour

    • GbEzZ__

      possibly the worst 2 maps in cod4

      • barry chuckle

        i agree!

  • Thomas

    Bod with Danger Close = FTW

  • Spec-tator

    4-5 new maps + 1 old. $10-15 price range. And by before 2011 I hope they mean before Fiscal Year 2011. I'm thinking August. Heck Treyarch was poping out map packs for COD5 every 2 months or so. IW really waited too long to deliver the first new map pack. It should have been February when we recieved it, especially for only 3 new maps. And just because you eliminated the satellite dish roof glitch on crash and added a coulmn and curtains…you cannot call it a redesign.

    I hope in the future whomever takes over the MW franchise that they keep this in mind. You have to keep US the consumer interested. If you wait to long we will go somwhere else, no matter how die hard of fans we are.

    Honestly 6 months for us PS3 players…I don't usually curse but WTF! And don't give us the excuse that you had internal problems at IW. Ther rest of the world meets milestones and deadlines with workers joining and leaving companies all the time. What make you so special that you can sit back on your laurals?

    • Wenda

      Uh xbox paid for the exlcusive rights. we had to wait an extra month because our online service is free so we don’t fork over money to get things first.

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  • Brent

    from original call of duty they need to bring crossfire and bog tht would be great

  • Bob

    If they are going to do another 5 maps, the price should not be $15. They should put it down to around $7. $15 was a crazy price for 5 maps.

  • Salman

    Hope they keep releasing a 5 maps and 2 from the original call of duty. 🙂

    • THIS KID

      ITS $3 bucks for five maps think about it takes to create them…..!@!!!

    • THIS KID

      ITS $3 bucks for five maps think about it takes to create them…..!@!!!

    • THIS KID

      ITS $3 bucks for five maps think about it takes to create them…..!@!!!

    • THIS KID

      ITS $3 bucks for five maps think about it takes to create them…..!@!!!

    • THIS KID

      ITS $3 bucks for five maps think about it takes to create them…..!@!!!