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iPhone 4G: Innovative Accessories

The market for iPhone accessories has not been that innovative since the device was first launched back in 2007. Most of the aftermarket accessories come from the iPod era, Bluetooth and other cell phone based items have been around a lot longer than the device itself.

The most ground breaking products that have been launched so far are external battery accessories, and these just try and fix the main flaw of the iPhone. It was not until the 3rd generation iPhone was launched that even basic iPhone products were released, this was not helped by the fact the new version was the same physical size as the one it was replacing.

Now with the proposed launch of the iPhone 4G and the fact it looks like it will be a totally different shaped handset to its predecessor, companies might go back to the drawing board to completely redesign their products. But until any accessory company can get their hands on an official iPhone4G, not many new products can be expected to be around when the new device is eventually launched. Click here for more on this.


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