Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS3): Reasons why it should not happen

By Alan Ng - May 7, 2010

While most of you are still praying for Square-Enix to confirm a PS3 remake of legendary PS1 title Final Fantasy VII, we have an interesting article for you to check out, which lists three reasons why it SHOULDNT happen.

As reported from TheSilentChief, interest in a FF7 remake has gathered speed ever since Square-Enix released the game as a PS1 classic on the Playstation network store.

While most would jump at any talk on a remake for the PS3, TheSilentChief has other ideas. They explain that the game would take far too long to develop, while they also fear that a new development team for the game would make too many changes to the core elements of the game, including that battle system within FF7 that we all loved dearly.

Finally, the last reason and probably the most significant of all, is that they think the game should not be touched at all, because it is simply a ‘masterpiece’. I have to say that I agree with them on that front. While towns and characters in HD would be amazing, I fear that too many changes will just spoil the game and risk ruining the legacy.

Do you agree with this or not? Let us know your opinions on a remake.

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