Cash for Caulkers Bill: Follows clunkers and appliances

If you have followed the cash for clunkers and appliances programs, then you may also know about the latest “Cash for Caulkers Bill”. If not then you may want to learn how the Cash for Caulkers program works via this article on The Guardian.

According to, the 2010 Home Star Energy Retrofit Act that is also known as the HR 5019 (Cash for Caulkers) bill has been passed. This program is aimed at people that need a financial incentive to make the move to a greener home.

The Cash for Caulkers bill should reduce foreclosures and create jobs, but this will be at a cost of $6.6 billion that will be spent over 5 years. Do you feel the U.S. has this money to spend?

Professionals will need to complete some of the jobs needed for a greener home, and this will mean more jobs. Making these adjustments, which will give people more money to save or spend, should lower home bills.

You can read about HR5019 in detail on Have a read, and then let us know your views on the program. Will you take advantage?



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