Beaver Dam in Canada: Google Earth software helps locate

Google Earth has been used for many purposes including those needed for the media, and most recently for showing the aftermath of earthquakes, which helps rescue teams find people by comparing before and after Google maps.

In this latest story, Google Earth’s software was used to find the world’s biggest Beaver Dam in Canada. This dam can be seen from space and according to the Telegraph, is over “twice the length of the Hoover dam” and measures 2,790ft.

It’s pretty amazing what the mammals did to make this dam over many months. Stone, mud, and trees were used to build a type of moat. One researcher – Jeane Thie – used Google Earth maps and satellite imagery to find the dam, and study it.

Beavers: Wetland and Wildlife biologist, Sharon Brown, said that the Beavers wanted a good habitat, and other animals would also use this and it’s great for the environment. Read in detail what Sharon Brown said here.

How have you used Google Earth, maps, and Street View over the last year? Let us know what you found in the comments.

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