Prince of Persia: Warrior Within: iPhone Screenshots

By Jamie Pert - May 6, 2010

iPhone game fanatics, this one is for you. As you well know, Prince of Persia: Warrior Within was originally released on the Gamecube, Xbox, and PlayStation 2 in 2004. But with some new screenshots revealed via Gameloft, it is almost certain that the game will see an iPhone release around May 28th.

The Prince of Persia movie is also set to be released at the same time, but we don’t know much more than these screenshots (check out the source link at the end of this post) and a projected time frame for release at present.

From the screenshots, it seems as though Gameloft are going out on a limb to try and include as much detail as possible from the original release. Lets hope the gameplay is just as good.

Source: Frisky Mongoose

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