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Nokia N8: Release Date coming in May?

We have some exciting news for those of you planning to pick up Nokia’s next flagship phone, the N8, as the company has just put up an official page for the handset, meaning that a release for the device could be landing sometime this month.

As reported from NokNok, the official N8 page is now live – click this link to see it. You’ll be able to get a full rundown of technical specifications for the device if you need them, while there are some high res images and a video as well for you to watch.

As you will probably be aware, the N8 will be available in a choice of colorful skins, ranging from Light Green to even Orange. The handset from Nokia will be their first device which will be packed with a 12mp camera, so you should be able to see the difference in image quality compared to their usual 5MP camera spec.

If the Nokia N8 lands before the end of the month, will you pick it up? We’ll update you when we know more details.


  • N8tie

    If it lands by the end of the month i will buy it. If it will come in september, like some websites state, i doubt it, because there will be more competition and i need a phone sooner than that.


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