New iPhone 4G/HD: 720p Video Recording confirmed?

By Alan Ng - May 6, 2010

Some exciting news to bring to those planning to pick up the next version of the iPhone now, as it is looking likely that the device will feature support for 720P HD video recording.

As reported from BGR, the latest beta (3) of iPhone OS 4.0 has once again uncovered some juicy details for us, with this one perhaps the biggest of them all.

After close exploration of files within the beta, the following video presets have been found: AVCaptureSessionPreset640×480 and AVCaptureSessionPreset1280×720.

Obviously, the second preset sticks out the most, as that is the format for 720p video recording. It is also worth pointing out that such a feature would back up rumors of the iPhone HD ‘tag’ that has also been associated with the device, along with simply ‘4G’.

Let us know your thoughts on 720p Video within the new device. Excited?

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