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HTC EVO 4G and Sprint: Advantages of being first

We mentioned in a recent post that the HTC EVO 4G will be ready for pre-order on the Sprint network some time this month – although there is still no specific date for this. This new handset will be the first full 4G smartphone released to the market – but are there advantages of being first?

We know from experience that being first is not necessarily a guarantee for success, you only have to look at the MP3 player and how Apple turned the market on its head with its iPod – the device was not the first but has had the biggest impact.

So the HTC EVO is to be the first fully working 4G smartphone and will use the Sprint Clearwater network, but will they be able to compete with the likes of Apple when they launch their iPhone 5G in 2011? We assume that the iPhone 4G will be launched this summer, but let us not confuse this with running on the 4G LTE network – this will just be Apple’s fourth-generation iPhone.

Sprint may have to face facts that when the fully working 4G iPhone is released it could be like another iPod moment – although this is dependant on AT&T and how well that can implement the LTE network, unless of course they use Verizon as well, as they should have their Long Term Evolution up and running much sooner.

Do you think that HTC EVO 4G and Sprint have the advantage of being first?



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