Halo: Reach Beta: Available To Silver Members with Codes Soon

By Jamie Pert - May 6, 2010

If you have a Halo: Reach beta code but no Xbox Live Gold membership the last few days must have been frustrating for you, however it has recently been revealed that Silver members will soon be able to experience the impressive Halo: Reach beta.

As of May 14th (at 9.00am PT) Silver members will be able to enjoy all of the fun which Gold members have been experiencing since May 3rd, however this will last just three days until March 17th (9.00am PT) whereas Gold members will still be able to enjoy the beta up until May 19th.

Chances are there will be some gamers out there taking full advantage of the offer for most of the 72 hours, and I am sure this will in the long run lead to more Xbox Live Gold members, therefore it is good for both Microsoft and their gamers.

Will you be taking full advantage of this offer?

Source: JoyStiq

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