Facebook Privacy Concerns: New Feature Adds Apps To Your Profile

By Jamie Pert - May 6, 2010

Reverting back to our previous post of Facebook Privacy issues and concerns, it seems that one of Facebook’s new features is to add secret applications to your profile without you even knowing about it, and there is no real easy way to stop it from happening.

Usually, if a piece of software or unknown application is installed on your home computer, it is considered to be malware. So what exactly do we call these new applications that are added without your knowledge? And how do we deal with them?

The feature that has been added is part of Facebook’s new sharing features and tools, which integrates Facebook into other related news, and flash game websites such as the Washington Post, CNET, New York Magazine, Gawker and formspring.me.

The idea that Facebook intend, is to share information with Facebook users, telling you what information you have shared via the said website, and will also ask you if you wish to post the information via your wall. This also goes for achievements you earn while playing flash games on websites such as Kongregate.

But how do we stop this? There is no easy way but if you wish to find out how to stop it, check out the source below which will explain more on the subject, and tell you best how to avoid this type of information sharing.

We found the best way is to make sure you completely log out of Facebook before venturing on to the web. This way, the login information will not be saved and can not be picked up on certain websites which take advantage of the new Facebook feature.

Update, check out this link, apparently it was a small bug which has now been fixed http://theharmonyguy.com/2010/05/06/facebook-is-n…

Source: PC World

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