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E3 2010: THQ’s Project Natal and PS Move Showcase

If you are a fan of THQ games, you’ll be pleased to know that the company are planning to unveil their collection of Project Natal and Playstation Move supported games at E3 2010 in June.

As reported from VG247, CEO Brian Farrell spoke in a recent call to investors, and confirmed that they will be revealing much more at their press conference at E3 – which runs from June 15-17th.

Farrell explained that we would ‘like what we see’ from THQ, adding that they are currently considering what the price for their Natal and Move titles would be. He also revealed that porting games from the Nintendo Wii over to Project Natal and Move would be ‘possible’, but challenging.

I’m picturing a WWE and UFC title using Playstation Move and Natal at the moment – and it’s quite exciting I have to say. Let us know your thoughts on their upcoming E3 event.



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