Apple iPad: 44% Say iPad is the notebook replacement

By Jamie Pert - May 6, 2010

A recent survey that asked iPad users (or intended buyers) what would they choose between a notebook, a MacBook, a PC or the iPad found out that 44 percent said they would purchase the iPad over any notebook, and 41 percent said they would refrain from purchasing an iPod Touch as they had their iPad.

The March 2010 Alphawise survey also found that 27 percent of iPad users would not buy a PC, 14 percent would not purchase a Mac desktop, and 13 not buying a PC after they found new love for the iPad.

The iPad is now a significant part of the portable computer market, which has grown since the launch of the iPad in April. The market also decelerated in January, prior to the release when the iPad was first announced.

For more information regarding the survey, and the growth of the notebook market, check out the source.

Do you own an iPad? Would you choose it over your PC, notebook or Macbook? Have your say.

Source: Apple Insider

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