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SanDisk Release Official Xbox 360 USB Stick

Running out of space on your 360? Want a cheap and easy to use hard drive alternative? Then look no further than the official licensed SanDisk Xbox 360 USB Flash Drive which starts at $34.99 for the 8GB version, and $69.99 for the 16GB version.

The SanDisk USB stick takes advantage of the recent April 6 update deployed by Microsoft, which allows gamers to store all their Xbox information such as their profiles, saved games, demos, pictures, movies and any other data you can store on the console.

Although you can use any USB stick with the 360, The SanDisk USB is branded especially for use with the Xbox 360. But don’t be fooled, as stated you can use ANY USB stick with the console, but the 360 must first make it’s own partition on the stick which will ultimately not enable you to use the USB stick with anything else (unless formatted of course).

The official press release can be found via the source below.

Source: SlashGear



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