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Project Natal E3 2010 Event: No Video or Cameras allowed

Remember Microsoft’s big pre-E3 Project Natal event that they have planned? It turns out that we won’t be able to get any footage or pictures from the event. Disappointing.

As reported from VG247, Microsoft has labelled the event a ‘technology-free’ event, instead preferring to make use of ‘visual assets’ to get the word across about their new motion sensing toy.

When speaking to VG247, a spokesman had this to say: “No, this event is a “technology free” event designed for you to come and enjoy yourself. Please leave your technology at home, no photography or video allowed. Visual assets will be provided following the event.”

Not sure what to make of this. Its hardly good reading for everyone who is worried about lag issues for Project Natal is it? Hopefully Microsoft’s keynote at E3 itself will explain all about Project Natal.

Let us know your thoughts on this.


  • MacBeanie

    No one is allowed to record the show when it happens on Sunday because there are exclusive contracts with MTV and Spike to air it on Tuesday.

  • Only goes to prove what the industy is already speculating, It doesnt work ! , Johnathan Ross showed us it didnt 3 months ago and this proves that it still doesnt, Expecting people to sit and watch a staged non interactive "show" then being handed marketing photos and pre-edited videos on the way out !! how 1990's ,

  • Any-one


    Have been seeing this ricoshet thing for one year now, looking forward to this E3 event and now they are tellin' us we will not allowed to see anything.

    Oke this convinces me, selling my Xbox 360 buying PS3.

    Very much like the Wii, I am going for Sony Move.

    Have nice day Microsoft. The Natal Hype definately has to come from all the marketing stunst you pull that's for sure…

    • Your Name ;)

      No need to get crazy. They're not allowing video of the Natal Experience event, that they're having the day before E3. They're going to show Natal at E3, they just don't want to show it off until their conference.

  • dead babies

    This is bullshit! how do they expect us to know anything about this fucking product whe they’ve only shown like 3 fucking games that nobody wants to fucking play!

  • randomguy01

    That's all i have ti say about it


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