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Nokia and Intel: First Meego Phone Release Date Update

For those of you who are currently considering which handset to pick up in the next few months, we have some exciting news, as Intel has confirmed that they will be releasing their first Meego powered phone before the end of 2010.

As reported from Pocket-Lint, Intel’s Pankaj Kedia confirmed the news to the tech site in an exclusive interview. He had this to say: “You will see MeeGo Moorestown devices by the end of 2010”.

There has been no word from Nokia yet, although it is no secret that MeeGo is certain to launch on a Nokia handset first – than anywhere else, since MeeGo also consists of Nokia’s previous linux Maemo platform.

Could this be an early hint of Nokia’s next big flagship smartphone? We hope so. Best of all, it will be available before the end of the year, not 2011. The Nokia N900 is good, but will their next handset be better?

Let us know your thoughts on this, more through the link.


  • DM_91

    With all the fuss over nokia and this meego device I expect that neither the nokia or intel phones will be available on a contract releast from any of the big carriers.
    That will be nokia's way of ensuring that meego dies a death in the face of windows phone.
    It's a same as that means it won't be a fair competition between meego, android and Blackberry (notice I am intentionally missing out Windows Phone – they are too late to the market, and don't have any historical hype in the way that maemo/moblin meego does).

  • SuperDave

    Love my N900 cant wait for the next gen!

  • Chris

    I was going to buy an N900 the other day. But now I'll think i'll rough it out and wait for this!

  • Michel

    I’m sure excited. That would mean a Linux based phone that’s not google. Sounds good to me! I’ll wait for it.


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