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Microsoft Kin Two: Mini Review is far from kind

With the release date for the Microsoft Kin One and Kin Two fastly approaching, reviews for the devices are starting to come in thick and fast. We have a short review of the Kin Two for you to check out now – although you may find it very surprising.

The review comes to us from BGR, and wastes no time in informing us on how the Kin Two is pretty disappointing as a final package. Not only because of the price plans for the phone ($30/month), but also the cheap design feel and far from impressive display screen.

While they point out that Kin Studio is a cool addition, they say that the execution of Kin Loop is poor and just reminds them of Motorola’s MOTOBLUR – which they also call a ‘mess’.

What are your thoughts on this? Have they been too harsh on Microsoft or not? Read their article and give us your say on this.



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