Crysis 2 Vs Halo Reach: Crysis 2 will be better?

By Alan Ng - May 5, 2010

As most of you will be aware, both Halo Reach and Crysis 2 are expected to be released towards the end of the year. EA has already started to make things ‘interesting’ by stating that their title will be a ‘Halo Killer’.

When speaking in a recent interview with Industry Gamers, EA Games label president Frank Gibeau had this to say when talking about both titles:

“We were trying to craft a Halo-killer, you know a product that would squarely go after what Bungie built with our partners at Crytek. So the Crysis 2 product is spectacular, very high-end, and is going to be a multi-year franchise.”

He also mentioned that EA now have a stellar developer lineup, with developer studios such as Crytek, DICE, Epic and now Respawn Entertainment.

While most of you are currently enjoying the multiplayer beta for Halo Reach, which game do you think will come out on top?

You could argue that Crysis 2 just sets the standard for console graphics and Halo Reach will be a more complete package, but I have a feeling that it will be a very close affair between the two.

We’ve created a poll for you to have your say on this. More from EA through the link.

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  • Halo Reach was good, because the opponents have two kind of enemy reinforcement: using pods and dropship but at Crysis 2: The enemy reinforced only by using pods..

    Halo Reach was perfect because it’s automatic body shield but for crysis, you need to hide for regenerating energy to reactivate maximum armor but Halo Reach can regenerate in natural even when on combat, although crysis 2 energy can regenerate when still receiving damage but it makes less strategic when assaulting.

    The opponent was also same.. same and same again… Just around 4-5 class of it.. Devastator, Grunt, Commander Grunt, Stalker and Guardian unlike Halo which has many variants of enemies start from Minor Grunt to Spec Ops Grunt, Minor Sangheili to Zealot Sangheili, Minor Brute to War Chieftain Brute and from Minor Jackal to Skirmisher Jackal which can make us always switch and using weapons which was perfect to takedown the opponent.

    Very bad for Devastator unit which was look a like Hunter at Halo Reach… The Devastator can’t perform melee attack at close combat but Hunter at Halo Reach always use melee when it comes to close combat.

    For Sangheili which was Elites, player can encounter stealth elites and fighting them when at middle of the level but at Crysis, player can only seen Guardian using cloak or stealth mode at the last level which player noticed at some level before that Guardian always fleeing when player shoots it.

    For the highest rate, i choose Halo Reach because SPARTAN was designed to be strongest of all troopers, crysis even have no match for SPARTAN’s strength. Just check the armor of it.. SPARTAN armor weight was worth as almost a tons or hunderds of kilograms but nanosuit was just around 10-20 kilograms worth of it when a Marine wear it..

    Halo Reach was more good than crysis because of the radar scan, compare it to Crysis 2 which player locate the opponent by using tags or some upgrades but SPARTAN has already motion tracker which can see the friendlies and opponent also noticed about the step, SPARTAN movements are always stealth when close to wall or even behind the wall which was opponent is and the opponent was not noticing it but at Crysis 2, the opponent notices the footstep movements by hearing.

  • Gio

    Yess peopple more votes for crysis Wanna know Why? ITS MULTYPLATFORMED , halo but fuks crysis 2

  • crisis breakdown

    shuuutt thaaa fu8kkk uppppppppp

  • Sergio

    Halo:Reach It is better first of all have the same graphics as history can compare with the halo crisis. Halo has sold millions of books broken halo recors sales worldwide first halo 1 was the sequel to Halo: The Fall of Reach, Halo 2 after he broke the long-awaited recors halo 3 which was a spectacular ending. people stay more than happy with what he did blugie. Mejer then the normal game Halo 3 ODST soldiers.

    Now Halo: Reach set in a world conquered by the human race for centuries in the future these charts, everything is magic, and the story very realistic six dies last and most noble team, besides the sacrifice of each no deaths avail.

    Reach has an excellent multiplayer, including the shooting of ODST. also not as ethnocentric as ever crisis hits starring the us, who call themselves Americans but they where all somo American continent.

    REACH is also colonized by Hungarians and not gringos …


    • Michael

      what the fuck are you saying? I'm gessing you used an online translator for this? cos it hardly makes ANY sense!

  • Jon G

    Bought Crysis when it first came out. It required a very high-end PC to run effectively. Some of the issues i had with it were due to the chaotic online multiplayer. Awesome game, great graphics, but it was unrefined. I look forward to Crysis 2 and i already see some ways that Crysis one influenced some of the development of Halo Reach.

  • Yeah!

    Reach is the best..crysis 2 only have good graphics and the IA sucks

  • Damaurus2

    Two different games, on a console Reach should take the gold. On a PC crysis should be a great game. Ive played recent products of both games and i have to say, Halo has more of a foundation to build on. the story is there and new abilitys and functions should keep this game on top.

  • Bone

    I think Crysis 2 will beat Halo Reach because Crysis was already good, everything was good from graphics to gameplay and story was pretty good just the AI had problems sometimes but it was a really good game. If Crysis 1 was hella good then Crysis 2 no doubt will be the best game that's coming out. Halo aint nothing special and will not even compare to Crysis 2, it can't even compare to Crysis 1. Gameplay looks alright, just like Halo 3 a lil bit, not the game that catches my attention. Graphics and Gameplay won't match up to Crysis 2, it was even said it in news, it's a Halo Killer! Crysis 2 is going to be the best game coming out this year!

    • Darkstar

      Amen to EA!

  • The Comfy Chair

    Consoles are nothing like PC's in what can be done, to say so shows supreme ignorance. You can't even run word on one of them. The ps3 was slightly more open with linux, but those days are over.

    Plus all of the things you have stated have been available on PC's for far longer. The graphics are abysmal compared to PC, but we already know that. Consoles are what they are: watered down and very restricted PC's. They're great for what they are, but if you want the full gaming experience, true communities, mods and everything, it's PC or nothing.

    • John3

      Consoles are the devices that make headlines, not Pc’s. And consoles are avalible to almost everyone. And they’re advancing in technology everyday(for example, Xbox 360 slim’s KINECT).And as far as im concerned, Halo has a great story tied in to it and its more of a complete package when compared to the first Crysis. Crysis 2 should hopefully be better than its first, but probably not better than Halo Reach.

  • Bombfunk EmCee

    Two totally different types of games. I know lets compare scrabble with ker-plunk.

    • Qasdfasd

      how are they different they are 2 highly anticipated futuristic first person shooters focusing on multiplayer are you fucking retarded

  • someone

    what are you talkin about ?? the consoles are like computers i get netflix, music, online play,facebook, and alot more to. its not that they cant run like PC they have almost everything except graphic's.

    • Consoles today can do most task since it has a built in hard-drives. But PC gaming is top notch, you can hook up a wireless controllers and there you go. If you say finish a game you might want to add some mods to it.

      I prefer PC over consoles mainly because I can just upgrade one section of it unlike in consoles, you'll have to buy a new released console to be able to play the latest games.

    • Macka92

      The only thing good hardware wise on a console is the CPU and it’s still not the best. The Worst would have the be the amount of RAM 512MB for XBOX 360 and 256MB for PS3 this just can’t compete with some Gaming PCs with 16000MB RAM.

      Oh and btw C2 is gunna smash reach

  • person

    One thing to say.

    Crysis 2 will be a supreme game for sure….. but it will only be supreme for its pc part only. the console versions will be graphically watered down, have more jaggi's compared to the pc version, and have some stuff cut out like some animation styles because consoles just can't run what a PC can.

  • killer117

    played the first crysis but didnt enjoy it alot so i think ill passon this too

    • soooa

      i enjoyed it

  • killer117

    played the first crysis but didnt enjoy it alot so i think ill passon this too