Call Of Duty: Black Ops – Is price too expensive?

By Alan Ng - May 5, 2010

For those of you planning to pick up Treyarch’s next Call of Duty game, titled Black Ops – we have the suggested retail price for the game. It shouldn’t be too surprising for those of you who forked out the cash for Modern Warfare 2.

As reported from VG247, Activision has slapped a £54.99/$59.99 retail price on the game. Retailers have made it slightly easier on your pockets by reducing the price by £10 over in the UK, but it looks like you won’t be able to find the game for less than £44.99 – unless supermarkets like Tesco or Morrisons start their crazy deals again.

What are your thoughts on the price tag? Considering the success of Modern Warfare 2, and the fact that everyone bought it despite its high price – it looks likely that gamers will do the same thing for Black Ops.

Zombie Mode hasn’t been confirmed for the game yet, but if and when it is – I wouldn’t mind paying this price for the game. Maybe you think differently?

Are you prepared to pay this retail price for the game, or is it too expensive for you? Give us your thoughts on this.

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