Apple iPad Micro Sim in 3G Tablet: Make your own

By Jamie Pert - May 5, 2010

As you may have noticed the micro-SIM is standard is starting to take off, one device which uses a micro-SIM is the Apple iPad, however this is annoying for users out there who do not yet have a carrier who have released micro-SIM cards.

A recent article posted on SecretLab claims that a standard size SIM card (25mm x 15 mm) can be cut down to the size of a micro-SIM card (15 mm × 12 mm) using nail clippers, apparently when put in the iPad this SIM card connects to a 3G network.

The particular SIM card SecretLab cut down was for the Australian carrier Telstra, many readers are are hoping this will mean that pretty much any 3G compliant SIM card could offer 3G connectivity for the Apple iPad.

Currently there is no video proving this, therefore we are unsure whether to believe the article, as we find out more we will keep you posted.

Do you think this article is believable?

Source: SecretLab

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