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New iPhone App: Aliens and UFOs

A great app for lovers of anything extra terrestrial has just been released for the iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Aliens and UFOs 1.0 is an app that has a collection of photos studying aliens and their flying saucers.

Released by Apalon, the app also has evidences of investigations carried out on crash sites, and is split into five categories: Genuine Aliens, Fake Aliens, Manmade UFOs, Genuine UFOs and Fake UFOs. Users will get to see how hard some engineers from around the world tried to reproduce alien space craft’s.

There are photo descriptions that provide information on a particular UFO, alien, or an event. The information is stored on the device so no internet connection is needed to enjoy Aliens and UFOs. Users can create Favorite, Popular and Recent Folders for easier browsing.

Aliens and UFOs 1.0 is on the App Store for only $0.99. iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch required with OS 2.2.1 or later.



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