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Mass Effect 2: Equalizer Pack DLC, PC and Xbox 360 Release Date Today

Mass Effect 2 fans may be glad to hear that new DLC will be available for PC and Xbox 360 from today, the DLC is called the ‘Equalizer Pack’, and will be a great purchase for any of you who are struggling with the game.

The Equalizer Pack consists of a new visor which reduces the time that Shepard’s powers take to recharge, also there is a new Capacitor Helmet which enables faster shield recharge, finally there is also Inferno Armor, this “increases tech and biotic damage and gives you an edge in negotiations”.

The DLC will costs 160 Microsoft Points (roughly $2) on the Xbox Live Marketplace, PC gamers will have to spend 160 BioWare points, exactly what time the DLC will become available is unclear, however we will try to keep you informed.

Will you buy the Equalizer Pack DLC? Or is the game easy enough without it?

Source: JoyStiq



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