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iPhone 4G release and LG lawsuit

If and when Apple release their iPhone 4G chances are it will feature a very impressive display, however rumors are suggesting that the display may infact infringe patents, this could cause problems when Apple attempt to ship the iPhone 4G to the U.S.

LG have recently been caught up in a lawsuit surrounding their OLED screens, AUO technologies claim that LG have infringed three of their patents, these particular OLEDs have been built by LG Korea for upcoming smartphones and netbooks

In the recent hearing a judge found that LG were in fact guilty of infringing AUO’s patents, it is thought that AUO will now attempt to prevent these OLEDs being shipped to the U.S. this could affect Apple as their iPhone 4G is rumored to feature an LG OLED display.

Obviously if this turns out to be true there could be an indefinite delay on the North American release of the iPhone 4G, therefore as we find out more we will have to keep you posted.

Source: OzcarGuide



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