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Internet Explorer: Market Share Falls; Firefox and Chrome Popularity Grows

For the first time since the Internet Explorer and Netscape battle a decade ago, it seems that Microsoft’s browser is finally being knocked off it’s pedestal due to increasing popularity from other browsers, namely Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

IE’s market share slumbered to an all time low last month (April), and now has under 60% of the market slipping .5% to 59.95%. This is quite astonishing, considering that IE had an 80% market share just two years ago.

The statistics come from NetApplications, and show that Mozilla’s browser has almost a 25% market share, compared to Google Chrome who have 6.7%, just ahead of Apple’s Safari browser with 4.7%. Chrome, is undoubtedly the biggest climber, as it had zero percent share before 2009.

For more information about the rest of the browsers, and their market share check out the source link below.

What browser do you consider to be the best, and why?

Source: PCWorld


  • Chevy

    definitely chrome

  • nananananafa

    yay chrome!!

  • xav

    go chrome


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