Insight Cable Outage In Louisville: Frozen Images

Do you have Insight Cable In Louisville? If so, you may have turned on the TV today and found frozen images on all the TV channels. We are getting reports that customers in Louisville are having problems viewing their favorite television channels today.

According to, Insight stated the TV outage was thanks to a glitch affecting the equipment that channels video feeds to Lexington Ky, Northern Kentucky, and Louisville.

Jason Keller is the director of public affairs for Louisville, and it’s reported he said the problem came overnight, although its not known what time it started. The issue was found in the morning, and engineers are repairing the problem right now.

You should expect normal service within the next few hours. You can read more details here. Have you been affected by the Insight Cable problems?


  • Rod

    I cant tell you when it started. 2.53am is what time my TV froze. Like they dont know… I certainly hope they have it fixed by this evening when LOST comes on, or there will be hell to pay!


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