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Halo: Reach: Gameplay Videos For Those Of You Without Beta Codes

If you have not managed to get hold of a Halo: Reach beta code you are probably wondering whether the beta is living up to the hype, well a YouTube user going by the name of H3AsiiM has uploaded a range of videos showing off the impressive Halo: Reach beta.

If you check out his channel you will notice it is dedicated to Halo videos, currently he has uploaded 12 Halo: Reach videos, including the Halo: Reach beta intro video, also there are videos showing different game modes such as Team Slayer, Capture the Flag and HeadHunter (check out the links for his videos).

The maps look extremely large and detailed and the game has a very smooth frame rate combined with fast-paced action, I must say despite being a beta the game doesn’t look too far from completion.

We have embedded one of the gameplay videos below, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


  • averagejoe

    thanks for this, good vid.


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