Gameloft Q1 Results: iPhone Games Pulling In Money

By Jamie Pert - May 4, 2010

Game Publisher Gameloft have revealed their quarter one results, and rather surprisingly, Gameloft have proved that there is infact a market for iPhone games as 21% of the company’s income in Q1 was due to the sale of iPhone games.

Other key points that were covered in a press release say that Gameloft had an increase of 7% from last year, making consolidated sales of €33 million.

Gameloft’s prime area of interest also points at Europe, with 37% of the company’s sales, whereas North America contributed 34% and the rest of the world 29%.

Gameloft say that they are also interested in other smartphone markets, including developing for the Palm, Nokia, Samsung, and the ever increasing popular HTC. There is also talk of the company making the iPad another platform they intend to release dedicated games for.

Which is your favorite Gameloft title?

Source: IntoMobile

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  • I would like to suggest that Gameloft should try to focus on Nokia and iphone. These two companies are becoming more popular.