Brand Appeal: Apple iPhone 4G vs. Nokia N8

By Peter Chubb - May 4, 2010

Yesterday we touched on the new Nokia N8 and it’s price when compared to the upcoming iPhone 4G. Considering the current 16GB iPhone 3GS is £130 more than the Nokia N8 (£320), what should we expect the new 2010 iPhone to cost?

You can read more about this in the post from yesterday. Today we want to explain that the choice users make will not be down to price alone. Some users will want great specs and a lower price, while others are more brand conscious.

Some users will think that the iPhone 4G’s selling point against the N8 is that Apple makes it, while Nokia makes the n8. That’s obvious, but it also means a lot to some buyers. The same thing can also be said for those that think Nokia is the better brand.

So it comes down to “Brand Appeal”, who has more brand appeal? Nokia or Apple? This outlook can be dependent on the market; Nokia may be stronger in developing markets.

Apple certainly has some weakness when it comes to the software, but it’s my view that Apple’s next generation iPhone will win in 2010 / 2011. They have a solid track record, and add Verizon to the mix, and they will get the boost that’s needed.

Let us know your thoughts on Nokia and Apple’s brand appeal in the comments.

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  • Nokianfan

    I got an I-phone4 a month ago and already have decided to go back to nokia. Nokias have always been easy to use and have nice features like profiles you Can adjust to suit different environments etc. I went to the local apple store to find out if this was possible on my I-phone and the guy just said I should create an app for it and make some money. They are nice phones but for ease of use and practicality you can't beat nokias. You can't even zoom in when your using your video on the I-phone. Try it??????

  • Yo!

  • jack

    china phone is the best..!!!

  • vicky

    got to respond here i have a iphone 3gs and i can multitask on it, my gps is free as i use it quiet alot.
    it is all down to what people prefere nokias brake easily where as my iphone i have dropped numerous times and it hasnt once broke. yet the n8 has better camera and bluetooth. it all depends on what you want it to do. end of the day its a phone i got mine as i wanted the ipod in with the phone to make it easier for me.

  • Muhammad Bilal

    Here are some things that are only available in Nokia, and Not any phone.
    I dont know why people fall in love with crap Iphone. Just bcuz of LOGO, or what ? Just check these youtube videos.
    HDMI TV OUT : (even N95 have it)

    Gaming comparision of Iphone 4 and New N8

    Bluetooth Mouse + Keyboard (skip to 1:12)

    Web Browsing just like ON PC, with Flash Plugin, Since N95

    Free of cost GPS, working even without Sim (just need operator charge to load map)
    Iphone 3g+ have it but you have to pay as you go on..

    And world's fastest and lightest OS, (SYMBIAN) .. I have Nokia N95 and i've turned it on since 2 years. I dont know why people say symbian OS crashes or slow .. Mine is hecked also..

    So, now choice is your's.. Symbian (NOKIA) means much more functions and Apple only means its LOGO, or show off.. when you cant even send songs through Bluetooth …

  • omer

    n8 rocks

  • Mark

    My new N8 rocks!!

    • Baghdad-SleepWalker

      Same here brother … my new N8 ROCKS!!

      I advise everyone here to buy it, if you can afford it..

    • vamsi

      good keep movin on wid nokia dude…………………………neva use apple……………

  • jjj

    Nokia N8 is indeed better than apple iphone 4G

  • note

    Nokia N8 wins over iphone 4 in price, function, support, design and usability.

  • Ryan

    I think the NOkia 8 is can pull of a win here based on the following :

    The iPhone is still a closed platform with only two companies that will be selling it. The Nokia 8 can be unlocked on request and can be used with any provider.

    Nokia usually packs lots of useful functionality into its phones while the iPhone tries to keep things simple for an audience that is competent and knows more about what they actually want.

    Nokias support for 3rd party software is good and not available to the iPhone.

    • vamsi

      u r ryt mr. ryan…………….. i suggest n i even hope nokia n8 is far better than i phone 4g…….

  • dheeraj

    can we play asphalt 5 on nokia n8 ???????????????????

    • lukas

      Nokia or Gameloft can release the game for N8 anytime, so keep an eye on Gameloft and Ovi 🙂

  • jay sean

    nokia n8 rules…………………….iphone is a shit and thay never improve it……shite phone…………..

  • brianoporto

    Guys, in my opinion Apple’s Iphone 4g is not that “magical and innovative” as Steve Jobs said previously… come on, is true that the symbian^3 OS of nokia has to get better in comparison to the iOS but let’s be realistic, Apple is trying to make people think that they’re innovating while most of the other mobiles had the features that its new toy presumes:

    Nokia N8 and other phones have REAL multitasking, iPhone 4g has to demonstrate it.
    With Nokia and many other companies you’re able to make video calls since 2005 without having the same phone and wi-fi connectivity as a must.
    Nokia N8 has HDMI support and usb on the go, supports flash when surfing the internet, you get free Gps forever, Dolby surround system and bluetooth 3.0… while iPhone 4g, yeah right.

    Apple records HD video at 30 fps but the human eye is just able to perceive 24 fps so it doesn’t matter if your phone has 24, 25, 26, 30, 32 you’ll always watch the same!

    Even the price is better, so I think that Apple wont’t beat it. And for the lovers of Android: it is just an OS, what do you do with a software without a good hardware?

    With the iPhone you’ll need iTunes to sync your files in a notebook or pc, with the other phones you don’t.

    I think there’s no comparison, Nokia wins with a huge advantage.

  • Ramesh-Nitt

    Imagin HDMI / USB on the go / 12MP cam / AMOLED / HD video / DTS 5.1 !!!
    iphone can't even think of getting getting closer to nokia

  • Joe

    Smart-phones are defined by lots of capability aspects and features characteristic and 1 of the most important aspect to be defined as a smart-phone is Multitasking which is lack in Apple's iPhones. Despite of its outstanding graphic quality and variety of applications but there's no such thing of 3rd party applications that can be used and iPhoners (iPhone users) can only rely on Apple's applications and no questions ask. Nokia N8 and other Nokia's smart-phones on the other hand have no such matters like iPhones.In my personal opinion, how can a mobile phone defined as a smart-phone if it lacks in Multitasking,the most important aspect and characteristic of a true smart-phone? Nokia wins both function and brand.

    • Stuart

      i am not a iphone cock but the new iphone 4G does have multitasking

      • eXa

        Yeah but it's "fake" multitasking it freeze apps and it's done pretty bad way, comparing with jailbreak multitask
        I have a ios4 on 3GS

  • eps

    nokia is more functional, iphone is more sleek. but in the end, function wins.