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Brand Appeal: Apple iPhone 4G vs. Nokia N8

Yesterday we touched on the new Nokia N8 and it’s price when compared to the upcoming iPhone 4G. Considering the current 16GB iPhone 3GS is £130 more than the Nokia N8 (£320), what should we expect the new 2010 iPhone to cost?

You can read more about this in the post from yesterday. Today we want to explain that the choice users make will not be down to price alone. Some users will want great specs and a lower price, while others are more brand conscious.

Some users will think that the iPhone 4G’s selling point against the N8 is that Apple makes it, while Nokia makes the n8. That’s obvious, but it also means a lot to some buyers. The same thing can also be said for those that think Nokia is the better brand.

So it comes down to “Brand Appeal”, who has more brand appeal? Nokia or Apple? This outlook can be dependent on the market; Nokia may be stronger in developing markets.

Apple certainly has some weakness when it comes to the software, but it’s my view that Apple’s next generation iPhone will win in 2010 / 2011. They have a solid track record, and add Verizon to the mix, and they will get the boost that’s needed.

Let us know your thoughts on Nokia and Apple’s brand appeal in the comments.



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