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BlackBerry Cobalt: RIM Patent Hints At Tablet

Earlier today we revealed a granted patent which Apple may use for their upcoming iPhone 4G, we have now come across a patent which RIM may use for a future tablet device.

It is thought that their tablet device may be called the BlackBerry Colbalt, details are extremely scarce at the moment, however the patent posted on IntoMobile appears to show the tablet featuring gesture-based buttons.

Other details suggest that RIM’s tablet will feature a screen size of 8.9 inches, also it will apparently be slimmer than the iPad and will be designed to be a companion to the BlackBerry, however it is extremely early days for the project, so all details are subject to change.

Rumors are also suggesting that the Cobalt will arrive in late 2010, however many experts are predicting that a 2011 release is looking more likely, as we find out more definite information we will keep you posted.

Do you think a RIM tablet could rival the iPad?

Source: IntoMobile



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