Apple iPhone 4G Design Patent: No Sign Of Home Button

By Jamie Pert - May 4, 2010

A few days ago we posted an article which revealed that future Apple devices may feature invisible buttons, we are now hearing that Apple have been granted a patent for the design of a future device, this device appears to be the iPhone 4G, the most noticeable thing about this design patent is that it does not feature a home button.

This means one of three things, either they have completely scrapped the idea of featuring a home button (which seems unlikely), another option could be that the iPhone 4G’s home button may now be featured on the handset’s touchscreen display, the other option is that the iPhone 4G could perhaps feature an invisible home button.

I must say I think that Apple’s sleek iPhone design would be sleeker without a visible home button, however I cannot decide whether a completely virtual button would be better than an invisible button, what do you think?

If you scroll down you can see Apple’s recently patented design, do you think that they will use this design for the iPhone 4G?

Source: SlashGear

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