Should parents ban Facebook after principal outburst?

It has been reported that a principle in the US has called for parents to ban Facebook for all middle school students, with a lengthy outburst citing reasons why it shouldn’t be allowed.

As reported from CNN, Anthony Orsini is the principal who has decided to speak out about Facebook and other social-networking sites – all in relation to how easy it is for young teens to have access to the websites.

In a recent email sent to another school, he had this to say: “There is absolutely no reason for any middle school student to be a part of a social networking site! They are simply not psychologically ready for the damage that one mean person online can cause. ”

He brings up the very important aspect about the potential dangers that social-networking sites pose, but do you think he approached this in the right manner?

Facebook has stated that they do not allow anyone to register under the age of 13, but you can imagine how easy it is to bypass this. Have a look at the full article above and give us your thoughts on this.

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  • Jake

    I think it's stupid to say that a 14 year old can't handle "one mean person" online. Half of a fourteen year old's day is trolling on websites making other people mad. Besides, even if it were banned, they'd just find another way to access it.

  • Leslie

    We love being able to keep in touch with my nieces, cousins and friends. I love the fact that you have control over your page and can allow who you want and block people you do not want.


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