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Project Natal / Xbox 360 Slim: More Bundle predictions

We have some latest news on the Xbox 360 Slim and Project Natal bundle rumors to share with you now, this time from industry analyst Michael Pachter, who has offered his opinions on Microsoft’s hottest device.

As reported from Gamer Blorge, Pachter was speaking in the latest episode of GameTrailers TV, in which he stated that Microsoft will indeed release a ‘slimmer’ Xbox 360 console, although it probably won’t carry the ‘slim’ tagline like the PS3 Slim.

He also backed up previous rumors that this new Xbox 360 SKU will come bundled together with the Project Natal software, indicating that the price point could come in at around $299 with an included 250GB hard drive.

Interestingly, he also believes that this bundle will not be cheaper than $299 until at least 2011. Let us know your thoughts on this. Do you agree with him or not?


  • do you still have to load games on to harddrive.of the new xbox360

  • DarrylKensley

    ^^^ Could you actually fill 250gb on a console then?

  • NEO

    this is why i own a ps3 your opportunity's for space are limited by any 2.5 inch sata drive

  • gfd


  • Adam

    I think Project Natal is just going to be better tech than the PS3 Move. While some people will still prefer to have a controller in their hand doing motion controls I think most people will learn to love not having to use a controller.Most people forget that Natal is going to be able to do so much more than just enhance gaming experiences.It will change the way we interact with friends online, use the dashboard,watch movies, ect. Reports are saying Natal will taylor the experience to the user's preferences. Imagine you walk up to the device and it signs you in without having to push any buttons. Your friend walks up and it can tell if they are a girl or boy just by body features and movements. I think we only know about 10% of what this device can do. It will be exciting to see what is revealed at E3 2010.

  • Adam

    If this is true then Microsoft will surely boost their sales with a slim 360, 250GB HDD, and Project Natal bundle for $299! The Slim PS3 is what made it start selling more systems per month than Xbox 360. Before late last year the Xbox 360 was outselling the PS3 each month globally.Once PS3 introduced the Slim the PS3 started selling more. It looks like overall Xbox 360 is still ahead by about 5.5 Million systems (Xbox 360 40 million, PS3 34.5 Million).Once the Xbox 360 Slim and Natal come out it will regain a larger lead over Play Station 3.

  • Adam

    I think he is just saying that consumers will have the option to buy a "slim" 360 that includes a 250GB HDD and Project Natal for $299. Im sure Microsoft would allow consumers to buy either the 250GB HDD or Project Natal Individually. My guess is a 250GB HDD by itself will start at around $100 to $130. Then Project Natal by itself will probably be between $70 and $80 according to news sources.

  • Justified911

    damn, i upgraded to a 120gb like two weeks before they came out with the 250gb. which sucks for me because you can only transfer your saved stuff once. so i got pooped on by microsoft

  • Sig

    Should be a great bundle, can't wait.

  • Sig

    Should be a great bundle, can't wait.


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