Nokia N8: Review and Disassembly

By Peter Chubb - May 3, 2010

Whenever a new gadget is released we know that it will not be long before it gets taken apart for a closer look at what makes it tick. The latest victim is the Nokia N8, which we can now offer a look at a review of its disassembly.

Some of us will not be able to handle seeing the internals of such a nice handset, but it is enlightening at the same time. There are those who will not be happy to see the internals of this handset, as Nokia’s competitors will be able to gain an insight and learn from it.

There have been a number of people complaining about the images that My Nokia Blog posted on the Nokia N8 Disassembly, saying that they should have got permission from the cell phone maker, the website were quick to explain that these images were from the FCC page.

For those of you who do not mind reading a German review of the Nokia N8 then you can do so from this link, just be aware that this has been translated so will often read strangely.

We recently learned that the Nokia N8 will be much cheaper than the iPhone 3GS, which could prompt Apple to reduce the price of the iPhone 4G.

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