New iPhone 4G and Nokia N8 price

By Peter Chubb - May 3, 2010

The Nokia N8 was announced just under a week ago and its price is very competitive in an Apple iPhone dominant market. This could be a huge deal for when Apple decides on how much it will sell the iPhone 4G for – but do they really care?

Pocket-lint informs us that the price for the Nokia N8 will be £320 without a contract, that’s £130 cheaper than the current 16GB iPhone 3GS. We would assume that the fourth-generation iPhone will sell for the same price as the current model, and looking at the rumored hardware specs, the N8 has so much more to offer.

The Nokia N8 will come with a 12-megapixel camera, the iPhone 4G will only offer a 5-megapixel, so it loses the fight there. The new Nokia handset boasts Dolby Digital Plus surround sound, the iPhone 4G will not be able to compete with that either.

We know that the best thing about the iPhone is its Apps, but the Ovi Store has been improving – so that and the fact that the hardware on the N8 are truly amazing, a price cut for the iPhone 4G is needed. Apple will need to offer its new smartphone for under £400 if they have any hope of competing with the new wave of smartphone coming to the market.

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  • dilin

    I think the n8 is far better than initially hyped:

    And it's ergonomics are awesome!

  • nokia user

    cant wait to get ma new N8…as i'm using N95 nw..would like to switch to N8

    • Stranger999

      The same situation wit me — two best cameraphones from Nokia

  • Samuel

    Nice to see all yours comments..anyway its depends on the persons how he/she is finanially wealth. For my i would to go for Nokia only..Apple is not much familiar in india. because here the service provide is not capable to support all features of iphone. some of the features might not support..

  • Speedy

    N8 is the Best Smart Phone…!

  • arun

    yes off course the best always is nokia no one other can beat it.Apple is just a phone with only low apps just the same of old nokia phones nothing new in it only is some apps and features. it does not touch nokia

    I got my new n8 i love it as any other it is the best in always performance,features, and even the money its cheap

  • Allan

    The iphone 4G's are made easy to use, so you don't have to think (kind of like idiot proof) this is why you have to pay a premium to buy them.
    Nokia N8's on the other hand are more complicated to use, you have to have the intelligence to operate them. This is why people are intimidated from buying the N8, you have got to use your brain.
    As far as problems, look at the iphone's reception problem…they give you a freakin case to resolve the issue?????? Wat up wit dat!!!
    As far as glitches in cell phones, all brands and models have them.
    See my point!!!!!!

  • Timi olugboji

    Right from my young age, i’m only familiar wif nokia product. The only problem abt nokias is there inconsistency. They need to have plans nd strategy. Iphone is stable, perfect, durable, nd loving. Consider d number of nokia touch to iphone. We all see dat consistency matters alot. Wif d high level of nokia, dey don’t av to compete wif all mobile (ericssons, samsungs, iphones etc). Cos it’s very obvious dat nokia is no 1

  • Sajith de silva

    I think nokia is a user friendly phone. It has been all these years and it wil be in future. I had all nokia phones and I will go for Nokia in future.

  • pradeep fernando

    what about prise in sri lanka

  • harry

    nokia n8 is the best ever s/phone……. dude's……………………….

  • harry

    nokia n8 is the best of all time dudes…………………………………..

  • Campare to N8 iPhone 4G is faster. I have already buy N8 and sell it. Now Iam using ip4 it’s very very good faster than N8. And lot apps I don’t I never seen such good apps. Awesome man.

  • perinjo

    i Phone is sheet fuck that is a phone for idiots Nokia is best mobilw phone

  • Nick

    I have my N8, BEST!!!! I went to an iPhone a while ago and I’ve missed nokia ever since, now that I’m back I can’t believe I ever left. I went to iPhones as they were the trendy thing to have. As soon as k got it I wanted to go straight back, it had less features then my N95, even now with th iPhone 4 being the trendy thing I look at it and think my N95 had every feature you have and that you claim is new original and revolutionizing. Nokia in my oppinion will always pave the way in telecommunications. My most favorite feature is the 12 mp camera and HD video recording. Admittidly I did find it hard at first navigating after the simple child like navigation of the iPhone but it was easily figured out. Sometimes it’s not the best idea just to have boxes(apps) as a design plan. We are adults after all we don’t need everything dumbed down. Never going back to iPhones. Nokia 🙂

    • battery life also is much better on the N8. I charged it almost 2 days afterbthe initial charging doing the same things I would normally do on the iPhone, every day i needed to charge my iPhone twice. Once after work and once before bed. I never left the charging on overnight as I know that burns out the battery. I am aware older batteries need more charging then newer ones but this has been an issue with my iPhone fit done time. Batteries are not replaceable on the N8 however though judging by my precious experience with nokias this shouldn’t be a problem. Infant alot more to say on this topic however I think I have said enough for now. I’ll probably blog about it in future. 🙂

  • nana

    plz Mark could u list any downside of the N8 ? and what did u love the most ??

  • Mark

    Got my new N8!

  • de mantis

    nokia is the king of phones because of the innovative features..n yes it is cheaper which means we can save for our families and buy other things we need.

  • SomeOne

    Nokia makes and aothers follow,copy ideas..
    Another fool thing is,Apple is always sell high price,first 8GB and then 16GB and blah blah..they cheats people for little memory even

  • Muhammad

    I will prefer nokia over iphone just because it supports video calling on skype to any computer in the world.

  • ali

    apple is not good in iran

  • Vince

    When will N8 be release in Dubai?? and Price pls… thankssss….

  • Ujs

    I think N 8 will throw out Aplle……..

  • jadoon

    i phone is just a bull shit…Nokia is the king of phones. all those people feeling proud having a phone like i phone is just useless.. i phone has nothing except apps…and wht nokia has everyones knws about…so people get ready to envy bcz the king of phone NOKIA N8 is coming.

  • sodium

    apple iphones are boring 2 use when not internet connected, unlike nokia especially n97 i cant get my hands off it even when not internet connected. d 2nd point is dat nokia phones have outplayed any other phone brands in terms of 2nd hand price value.

  • well i used the iphone camera is not that good its like comparing a diamond with water wilder said right loyalty . you need a loyalty or a thing that actually is worth i will go for nokia8 its also got free maps

  • Wilder

    I’m so gonna get my hands on the Nokia N8, only question is when and it’s gonna be soon.

    I like iPhone but call it a brand/loyalty thing, I’ll probably die with a Nokia in my hand.

  • benson

    peter can u tell me when is nokia n8 gonna be released in USA and wat would be the $ amt for the set plz reply

  • mayur

    Apple's iPhone 4 is $299 USD for 32 GB. What is the proce of N8 in USD?

    • Silent Warrior

      What you forget here is that you are stuck with ATT for 2 years.. There is a contract! if you have used the netwrk here, you would understand how crappy it is.. With the nokia, its unlocked, costs around 450 dollars((from what i read)).

  • Manish choudhary

    Baap toh baap hi rahega Nokia sab se aage!! When i'm with my nokia i feel that I'M THE KING!!!!!

  • EdB

    Finally iPhones can multi-task.
    Finally iPhones have a flash, too bad it's an anemic flash
    Where is the HD on the iPhone?
    Where is the Dolby on the iPhone?
    Where is the FM transmitter on the iPhone?
    Where is the secondary or video call camera?

    The only thing the iPhone has is apps.
    It's a phone w/apps. It's just now becoming a smartphone (multitasker)

    The iPhone remains the commercial, mass-marketed phone, but it's playing catch-up to the multi-tasking, Xenon flash, HD N8.

    Those in the know, know N-Series are actual smartphones and are much better phones.

    • sean

      I suggest to better see the spec and capabilities of iphone4 before you ask questions.

    • Jinnely min

      Yah…. Maybe you don’t have iPhone4 that’s why you don’t know!!!!

  • Joe

    A smartphone with good user interface and such variety applications but lack in multitasking? You have got to be kidding me if that is a smartphone. My personal P.O.V is iPhone is good but it uses optical illusion for us to see it is a better phone.. err, smartphone.

  • Jawed Shaikhani

    All is well if end is well.
    Nokia has started competition. Let’s see.
    Within a couple of years everybody will be in “touch”.
    If there is anyone who is in front of Apple is ofcourse NOKIA. I am waiting N8 in my hands.

  • Fernando

    Conclusion: Apple is just a good Marketing strategy. So just Rubish!
    Any way, I expect that in no more than 2 years their hardware will reach the incredible versatility of Nokia today. They are moving fast!

  • Fernando

    Conclusion: Apple is just a good Marketing strategy. So just Rubish!
    Any way, I expect that in no more than 2 years their hardware will reach the incredible versatility of Nokia today. They are moving fast!

  • 2mass

    You have some good points there but I have to remind you just one thing. Apple´s brand has more appeal than Nokia´s and thats why Apple products have higher price tag and people are willing to invest on it. This is basically just question of them and us and how we represent ourselves on these groups. Apple brand is tailored for "developed" western markets and Nokia has it strengths on "developing" markets. Presented psychological model and personal values (utilitarian vs. hedonic value) are only two things what seems to control our shopping behaviour. In this light I have to say Apple´s Iphone 4G is likely winner and Nokia N8 only competes against N900 and older N97.

  • Rich

    What you seem to have overlooked is that we all know that regardless of specs, the iphone 4g will STILL be better than the N8. It's not all about the specs. It's about the user interface and actual usage of using the phone that counts for a lot. The iphone is a joy to use and all other Nokia touchscreen handsets that I've used (including the capacitive X6) have been rubbish to use in comparison. I bet if you gave someone the new iphone to use for a week and the N8, they'd want to hang on to the iphone. You know it.

  • 6610

    iPhone 4G's selling point against N8 is that it's an Apple and n8 is a Nokia.

    Some people just want to buy an Apple.

    And luckily many others want to buy a Nokia. 🙂

    I wonder how many people actually are brand neutral(?)

  • Rob

    Yes but it is a Nokia, and high end smartphone users aren't going to choose a Nokia over an Apple for a measly 30% saving on the upfront cost.
    Nokia MUST improve their software, what's the value of a 12 megapixel camera if it takes 10 seconds to boot, then gives you an error message when you want to upload the photo to facebook…?

    • Will

      Nokia will be rolling out with amazing things after going open source. Imagine the open source nature of Android plus the global support under nokia…you could only imagine.

      • sonyavading

        This one would be even more better if it has a front facing cam. N8 Phone New Impressions

        • geoff

          it does have a front facing camera and supports video calling without!! the iphone 4 has front facing camera but only supports video calling oer wifi an only to other iphones

    • chaman

      10 seconds to boot is better than iPhone's 30!