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New iPhone 4G and Nokia N8 price

The Nokia N8 was announced just under a week ago and its price is very competitive in an Apple iPhone dominant market. This could be a huge deal for when Apple decides on how much it will sell the iPhone 4G for – but do they really care?

Pocket-lint informs us that the price for the Nokia N8 will be £320 without a contract, that’s £130 cheaper than the current 16GB iPhone 3GS. We would assume that the fourth-generation iPhone will sell for the same price as the current model, and looking at the rumored hardware specs, the N8 has so much more to offer.

The Nokia N8 will come with a 12-megapixel camera, the iPhone 4G will only offer a 5-megapixel, so it loses the fight there. The new Nokia handset boasts Dolby Digital Plus surround sound, the iPhone 4G will not be able to compete with that either.

We know that the best thing about the iPhone is its Apps, but the Ovi Store has been improving – so that and the fact that the hardware on the N8 are truly amazing, a price cut for the iPhone 4G is needed. Apple will need to offer its new smartphone for under £400 if they have any hope of competing with the new wave of smartphone coming to the market.


  • Fernando

    Conclusion: Apple is just a good Marketing strategy. So just Rubish!
    Any way, I expect that in no more than 2 years their hardware will reach the incredible versatility of Nokia today. They are moving fast!


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