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LG’s First Android Phone Ally: Confirmed for May 20th

LG have announced today of the upcoming release of their new Smartphone the LG Ally. The device will be their first Android powered phone and will be available on May 20th. LG have not said what carrier the new device will be on but the smart money is on Verizon.

The phone will be marketed with the new Iron Man 2 movie which is released this weekend. An augmented reality app will be bundled with the Ally that adds enhanced visual content on the Allys display when the camera is pointed at specific objects.

The Ally might look familiar as apparently it is simply a US version of what we know as the Aloha or LU2300. Official details are sketchy at present with some saying it will have a 1 GHz CPU and others reckon on a 600 MHz ARM11 CPU. LG have confirmed a touchscreen and full slide out QWERTY keyboard. LG will be holding an event in New York on the 11th of this month to show off the Ally and other new releases.

Click here for more and full LG press release.



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