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iPhone 4G: First picture of Gizmodo prototype seller

We have some interesting news for those of you still looking for even more clues on the iPhone 4G prototype mystery device now, as we have the first picture and details of the seller who sold the device to Gizmodo.

Exclusively revealed by, we can confirm that the seller is a 27-year old man named Brian Hogan. He recently attended Santa Barbara City College in 2008 and is thought to reside in Redwood City, California.

As previous reports suggested, Hogan stated that he was handed the phone by another friend in a bar in Redwood City. After attempting to find the owner of the phone, he then took it home – leading to the events you all know about by now.

According to his attorney Jeffrey Bornstein, Hogan then sold the device to Gizmodo for $5000, under the basis that Gizmodo just wanted to review the prototype.

What are your thoughts on this? Full story and a picture of Brian Hogan can be seen through the link.



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