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iPhone 4G: 2010 release rumors result in China clone

A cell phone that looks a lot like the iPhone 4G prototype that appeared on Gizmodo has been spotted in China – prompting OZCAR to believe that it is in fact the real deal. The website states that as the iPhone is manufactured in China, then it stands to reason that this is the actual production model.

OZCAR even noticed that the new phone looks to be running iPhone OS 4.0. The phone that you see above looks to have kept the chrome lining and the black home button, which does look a bit dated now. OZCAR is certainly convinced that this is the real deal – but we are not, as China is the clone capital of the world.

We decided to do some more digging and found that we were correct; this phone is actually a clone from Shenzhen, that’s according to Gadgets DNA. The cloned iPhone comes with dual SIM card slots and that all-important interchangeable battery and two cameras, which we hope to see with the real iPhone from Apple.

We hope to see the real iPhone 4G appear in June during the WWDC 2010, where Steve Jobs will deliver his keynote. We just hope that Apple will deliver on all the things that the current iPhone 3GS is lacking.



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