HTC Droid Incredible Reboot Problems

By Peter Chubb - May 3, 2010

The HTC Droid Incredible has not been out of the news for over a month now and even more so now that the latest and best Android device is now available to the masses. However, things are not all that rosy for those in North Carolina who own this latest smartphone.

It seems that their Incredible handsets have been rebooting on their own, they have tried phone replacements and adjusting wireless settings, but the problem still occurs. According to Engadget, Verizon Wireless is aware of the issue and assumes that it could have something to do with tower switching in these low-signal areas.

For those of you considering holding off your purchase of an HTC Droid Incredible, we can assure you that this is an isolated incident at this time. There have been no other reports of rebooting problems in other states.

We have to wonder why no other Verizon Wireless phone is rebooting in the area? Maybe someone could explain that for our readers. There have also been reports of signal strength problems, which you can read more about in our recent post.

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  • Chris

    In GA…I have had this re-booting issue for about two weeks now. I have had my incredible for over two years now with no issues. For some reason now, at 3am EVERY morning while on the charger it cycles in a re-boot pattern about every 20-30 seconds. The only way I’ve found to stop it is to pull the battery, reboot it then power it off to plug it back in to charge. It’ll go to green eventually after that and when I get up and going for the day I power it back on with no issues UNTIL 3 am the next morning when I have to start the whole BS procedure again. HELP!

  • Gidgat

    The HTC DROID INCREDIBLE freezes constantly. It is a nightmare. Do NOT purchase this phone. Do NOT purchase this phone. 

    I wish I had read this before 

  • Kevin

    I'm in Malaysia and just traded in my iPhone 3GS last week for the new HTC Incredible S, and same problems as all you guys. It reboots at least once every day or two, whether it's just sitting around, charging, or while I'm talking. I also once received a fatal error message after the 5th re-boot in a week or so. Took it back to the dealer and all he said was to turn off the data service and try it then. Eeeerm, but I bought the phone for the use of making calls and data access! I'm in Singapore now and so turned the data service off to avoid internet roaming charges. It's been off since yesterday at around noon…and it1pm the day after now, and no re-boot so far. I obviously need the data plan so I think I'm going to give away my HTC phone and go buy the iPhone 4.

  • james

    I live in MD and my HTC keeps rebooting. I went to Verizon and they sent me a new phone and the issue continues.

  • NotSoIncredible

    This is a worldwide issue not confined to one geographic area. In my experience with the Incredible (and it has lapsed into reboot loop everywhere I've traveled in the U.S.) it doesn't appear to be a signal strength issue. It seems to be an overheating issue. The phone only starts functioning correctly again after the battery has been pulled for a significant amount of time that allows both the battery and the phone to cool down.

    Seems like a serious design flaw that neither HTC nor Verizon (in my case) wants to admit or address. I wish the press would get on this. I think these companies will only react when they receive significant bad press or when a class action lawsuit is filed on this problem.

  • Sergey

    Hello, all. I am from Ukraine. I am using my Inc just 3 days – the same issue. When WiFi signal is very poor, when the phone is under charging – the same issue, unpredictable rebooting…. I am really disappointed by HTC. The phone will be returned by warranty tomorrow….

  • Jeff

    Fresno California, My phone is pretty much unusable because of all the reboots.

  • frustrated

    my 1st and 2nd incredible POS randomly flakes out and doesn't stop until it has satisfied itself with corrupting all of my apps including native apps and contacts get hosed also.

  • Rob

    I bought my first Droid Incredible May 2010. I am going on to its 6th replacement. I have had every issue there is with these phones. The last two replacements of refurbished phones came out of the box with problems. One kept resetting every 5 minutes. I am in Los Angeles. They are sending out my third refurbished phone since Christmas. If third one does not work I want simething else. Froyo is killing my battery now too. I cant turn apps off.

  • Phil

    I have the droid, live in DC/Baltimore region and this is my second droid incredible and it keeps restarting on its own. I was thinking it was the battery but NOPE as I just bought a new one and had the same problem. This is BS! Let's go Verizon figure it out! I expect that they should recall of these phones and make some heads spin!

  • chris smith

    Live in Ga and my phone reboots constantly when I get on net or in the middle of something important never did it till they updated to the evil camera with bloodshot eye boot

  • Dandapani

    Around 3am today my #HTC #Droid #Incredible recharging on my nightstand woke me saying DROID as part of reboot sequence. Why? Dunno!

    I live on Gulf side, central FL.

  • Zack

    I'm sorry but this is BS that it doesn't happen anywhere else. It's all over I have the same problem and in fact the most reliable way to get it to crash is to run Google Navigation. For what ever reason, running that app and holding perfectly still even in good coverage causes the phone to reboot, and occasionally get stuck in a boot loop, after which pulling the battery makes my phone temporarily lose all user data and asks me to reregister it.

  • Nette

    I live in Hayward, California. I have experienced my first reset of my Droid "incredible." Does anyone know if there's a way to restore the information that was lost?

  • Peter Piper

    I live in WA state and I have been having similar problems with my Incredible. My reboot issues seem to happen when I use the GPS feature on the phone. It runs well for 20-30min and goes into a rebooting fit. I won't stop until i remove the battery. After letting the phone cool down and turning on it will work just fine.. until it reheats again…

  • blstuk

    Here's my spin. Purchased my Incredible first week of June. No issues. In August, I replaced the original battery with an extended life battery and downloaded V2.2 software. Since then, my phone constantly reboots. I frequently travel on business to the West Coast from Michigan. It reboots in Washington. It reboots in Oregon. I was in downtown S.F. on 9/29 using GPS. It rebooted 4 times in 15 minutes. My personal opinion is that it is related to software and not signal strength.

  • Zero-2-hero

    Having porblems in Colorado. It seems that if I am looking at the market, or using the internet for longer than a minute it resets, and it gets stuck in a reset loop. I let it go one night to see how long it would last. It reset about 20 times before I got tired of it and took the battery out!
    Maybe I really should have went with the iphone….

  • nicy

    i'm from bay area in california and i just experienced many random reboots all within two weeks of possession



  • Chris

    The reboot problem is a hardware issue and anyone experieinceing reboot problems should take their phone to the nearest Verizon store. They are aware of the problem and will send a replacement in the mail free of charge (as they should). I've had the reboot issue off and on for two weeks now. I waited for the latest OS (Froyo- 2.2) upgrade t o occur and the reboot issue remained. I've owned my phone since June so it's been well over 30 days. They looked at it for two seconds and ordered a replacement…there are thousands of people with the same issue. Export your contacts to your sd card and do a factory wipe before sending it back. I'm in northern VA but this problem isn't related to a locality. Get a replacement phone before you find yourself in a situation where you need to make a call and you're stranded in a reboot loop! Good luck!

  • IncredReboot

    Can anyone confirm davemishsr's fix worked for them?
    Just my 2 cents on the issue. I've had the phone for about 2 months and the first month it rebooted periodically, but not unbearalbe. In the past few weeks the reboots have become more frequent – about 5-20 per day. I got stuck in the reboot loop the other day when my battery was at 15% power. Usually it reboots and comes back on fine. I has done this during a call, during navigation, launching a program, but has also done it while in standby in my pocket, etc. I called VZW yesterday and the gave me the usual, "we haven't had this issue reported…" response. I told them to check the web, there are hundreds of responses on forums and message boards about this VERY common issue. They recommended a hard reset, I said no thanks…I'll wait for froyo to possibly fix the issue. So for now I'm holding my breath…this is a great device, not a great phone mind you, but a great device – IF it would stay powered on!!!

  • davemishsr

    Here is the fix. Power down the phone. Then power it back up while pressing and holding the joystick. This will bring up the boot menu. Use the volume toggle to select "reboot". Then use the power button to select that choice and the phone will reboot. This happened once to my phone and this has resolved the issue.

  • rich

    Im in NYC, had phone for 1 week and now i have about 10 reboots per day. often i am not touching it, but sometimes when im on the phone, or using it for something

  • Laura H.

    Have 4 of them all have rebooted on their own. 3 of them loop reboot constantly after htc mail fills with leaked memory. Hard reset necessary. $350 a month for Hrs. & Hrs. of Frustration. Kid was in tears because he couldn't get a hold of me. stuck at canceled track practice alone.
    Rapid City SD. Thanks for letting my kid be a beta tester.

  • jogocown

    i live in around cleveland ohio….rebooted 5 times in one day

  • Jon Steen

    Spoke to Verizon yesterday.

    Was told that reboot issue on HTC Incredible has been tracked to a batch of bad phones.

    Since I received my HTC I via mail within last 30 days, the Service Rep declared my phone DOA (dramatic isn't it?). I can now take it back to the Verizon Experience store for new phone or loaner until replacement is available. IF I had reported this problem at Day 31 or later, it would be a much more cumbersome warranty replacement issue.

    Verizon needs to do right by the HTC Incredible owners that find themselves without working phones (that is what the frequency of my HTC I reboots has resulted in…)

  • Lars

    Pasadena CA when I'm at my home it will often continuously reboot when I use it. I have good signal at my home and have used VZW phones there for ten years trouble free.

  • Steve

    I live in Cleveland, Ohio and have gone through 4 HTC Incredible phones because of this reboot issue. I am thinking of switching to a Palm Pree Plus because of this!

  • Jennifer

    I work in Wyoming and my Incredible has rebooted three times now. I have only had it for a week.

  • Graham

    Mobile, Alabama. Been rebooting off and on and sometimes gets stuck in a reboot cycle for 5-10 minutes until I take battery out to keep it from rebooting. Been doing this for 3 weeks now. Customer Service at store says they have no idea about it and dont see any issues reguarding it. I had a friend about to switch from an iphone to this but I told him not to get it. good game verizon/htc

  • ASG1

    West of Boston, MA – Just this afternoon (3pm EDT 6/15/2010) had four reboots in a row within a half hour. Screen would freeze on unlock, or in the middle of using an app. Prior to this I think I only saw two reboots in a month or so. WTF? Good signal here, I don't think that was related. Only app install in last 24 hours was a podcast listener, not running now.

  • Mine just spontaneously rebooted 2 seconds ago, I'm in Brooklyn, NY. I have zero signal on my block, so it could still be the same issue.

    I noticed each time it reboots I lose my custom ringtone.

  • Dave

    Reboot in Cincinnati, Oh and at home 30 miles SW of cincy

  • Stefan

    Im in Munich, Germany and have massive reboot issues with the HTC Desire (same phone, other name here)
    From postings in a german forum I can tell there are a few others experiencing the same problem.

  • Matthew

    I am in NYC and My HTC Droid Incredible reboots on its own from time to time.

  • Warius

    Living in New York, reboots on a daily basis.

  • josh

    Yeah north jersey: reboot 3 or 4 times a f***ing day. I’ll tell you whats incredible…that one of the biggest cell carriers has absolutely no quality control…how do you gear up for one of the biggest device roll-outs you’ve had in a while, without someone, somewhere saying, “hey maybe we should actually just run this thing through its paces…you know, just for s**ts and giggles?”

  • matt

    In NE Ohio, I've had about 4 reboots in the first 24 hours.

  • Alison

    Denver, CO and it just happened to me this morning. Called Verizon and the support person told me that "there was no known issue"

  • ahga

    I am living in los Angeles, California; I had 7 randomly reboots within 4 days.

  • Tim OBrien

    To add to my first comment: I’m on my second phone – the first had a black speck in the middle of its screen. Both have rebooted without being asked to. I’m pretty sure it’s not an isolated problem. 😉

  • Tim OBrien

    I went to a place in rural Alabama today, and mine had two spontaneous reboots within a few hours. It only happens every few days when I’m in Huntsville though.

  • Shane

    Incredible Fail – I'm left traveling with a borrowed phone, all of my contacts lost (my fault, always back up your info), a $550 paperweight, cell service that I can't even use (at $80 a month), and a second phone that I have payed for (another $200) but will not receive until June.

  • Chad

    Have had the Incredible since it came out and have had not issue. I am in Northwest Ohio, Near Toledo.

  • Julian

    i live in upstate new york, in syracuse, and my droid reboots about every half hour, or sometimes when i unlock it after getting a text. I live in the middle of syracuse so i usually have a good signal.

  • Joe

    I think this is absolutely a software issue. I posted on another thread explaining my prior phone (LG Dare) that constantly did the same thing (Random reboots). The reboots on my Dare were not only random, but also when scrolling through the text messages screen, and while activating/deactivating bluetooth. This problem stopped when I had a software update done to the phone. My conclusion is that it is the touch screen that possibly may be the issue (Dare and Incredible are both full touch screens). I have a Bachelor's in computer networking and truly believe it's a software issue. However, if anyone is close to their thirty-day return/exchange I would highly recommend exchanging their Incredible for another Incredible just to be safe. Bottom line is that I highly believe it is a software issue and not a hardware issue. Then again, the processor is 1 GHz fast and at that speed you would highly need heatsinks/fans/vents to keep the processor cool otherwise it can burn up…..

  • dillerton

    Live in Oregon , our family has 4 of the incredibles. Only one of them seems to consistently reboot. Another one freezes quite frequently, and yet another has very poor call quality. Its not just NC…

  • pissedoffinga

    South Georgia rebooting a few times an hour. VW needs to fix this and stop acting like its just an isolated incident . All VW cares about is making enough money so they can’t in turn treat their customers shitty as always. Fuck you Verizon I’m moving to trac phone chodes.

  • Erik

    Im in Austin TX and my phone reboots 2-3 times a day. Both at my house in South Austin and At work in downtown Austin…

  • Seth

    I live in Central Jersey and mine has reboot 4 times since I have had it. I am not sure if I should wait another week or bring into my Verizon store.

  • jasonk

    Three reboots and one dropped call. It plays some vids ok, but a lot only play the audio. Bluetooth only works for calls and not music.

    • VidJunky

      Have you had BT before? I found out the hard way that regular head sets won't play music. It has to be one capable of music playback. Most of those will also do calls.

  • dave

    PS – I am in San Diego, CA

  • dave

    I am receiving a constant high pitch noise with mine when I call anyone and it is driving me crazy. I am actually trying to reset, but don't know now (appears that a hard reset erases everything, which I clearly do not). Google sync was also having issues up until yesterday. Love the phone, but am having doubts lately.

  • supraluv84

    i was driving in the country in pa, and mine continuously rebooted. Verizon blammed on a 3rd party app. I uninstalled the last app i downloaded a swiming fish desktop and it only did it once since then but i havn't been back to the remote area where it happend since then so it might be a tower issue. i will be returning it before 30 days if it does it again and theres no fix. other than that been running great. google maps navi rocks.

  • supraluv84

    i was driving in the country in pa, and mine continuously rebooted. Verizon blammed on a 3rd party app. I uninstalled the last app i downloaded a swiming fish desktop and it only did it once since then but i havn't been back to the remote area where it happend since then so it might be a tower issue. i will be returning it before 30 days if it does it again and theres no fix. other than that been running great. google maps navi rocks.

  • ESL

    in AZ and mine hasnt rebooted on it's own, but i have had to force it to reboot several times cause it was going slow. rebooting seemed to fix, but that is a pain, and it isnt even Mircosoft!?!?!

  • ESL

    in AZ and mine hasnt rebooted on it's own, but i have had to force it to reboot several times cause it was going slow. rebooting seemed to fix, but that is a pain, and it isnt even Mircosoft!?!?!

  • Boris S

    NYC Random rebooted 10 times already…

  • Boris S

    NYC Random rebooted 10 times already…

  • Jim

    Southern New Hampshire. Happened 5-10 times now for me.

    • Jason

      I'm in northeast OH and I'm having reboot problems. However, my wife's incredible has not had the problem.

      • VidJunky

        I also live in central Ohio, and ours is the oposite. My wife's has rebooted at least 7 times since release and mine has not. We have not spoken to VW about this but BB offered to do a factory reset to see if the problem cleared up has anyone else tried this? Did it work? My wife also has some questionable apps downloaded (from the market) does anyone feel they could be to blame?

      • wals

        Same here bro I live in northeast Ohio too and my phone randomly resets like 4 times a day

  • Darren

    Im in Beaverton, Oregon and mine had rebooted three times a day for the last 3 days… all while I was in the middle of a conversation… irritating to say the least..

    • Vanessa

      I'm in Aloha (on the edge of Beaverton) and I have witnessed mine reboot spontaneously four time since I got it.

  • Darren

    Im in Beaverton, Oregon and mine had rebooted three times a day for the last 3 days… all while I was in the middle of a conversation… irritating to say the least..

  • Darren

    Im in Beaverton, Oregon and mine had rebooted three times a day for the last 3 days… all while I was in the middle of a conversation… irritating to say the least..

  • Kevin

    i live in north NJ and mine has rebooted up to 8 times already!!!!!!!!!!!! Verizon needs to fix this its not only North Carolina

  • Brett

    I have had my seen my Droid Incredible reboot 3 or 4 times in the last 3 days. I live in Los Angeles but the reboots occurred while I was in San Diego.

  • Kris Hansen

    I have been experiencing reboot problems in SLC, Utah.

  • Tommyp7

    I live in Upstate New York and have had the Incredible for less than one week. The droid has reset on its own three times already!

  • ozborne21

    I live in Virginia and have the same rebooting problem. I’ve had it since the release on thursday and have already noticed the reboot three times. Also, I was on the phone with tech support for over an hour trying to get the visual voicemail to connect. Anyone else having the same problem?

  • Rob

    I live in AZ and mine rebooted 3 times yesterday.

    • roxy

      i live in Ohio and have had 3 phones now and they all reboot

  • Rob

    I live in AZ and mine rebooted 3 times yesterday.