HTC Droid Incredible: First Verizon OTA update is a mystery

By Alan Ng - May 3, 2010

We have some good news for HTC Droid Incredible owners on Verizon now, as it looks as if the first OTA update for the device is starting to roll out on customer’s handsets.

As reported from Phandroid, it is unclear what the update actually does to the handset, as we have no details on bug fixes, improvements or stability enhancements.

We do know that the update weighs in at 3.5MB and that the software number of the device changes to 1.22.605.2, from 1.22.605.0 – the build number also changes following the update.

Images of the OTA update can be seen at Phandroid for further proof. They have hinted that the update could be related to a glitchy signal bar display, while most of you are hoping the update improves battery life.

Have you received this update message yet? If so, let us know if you have spotted any significant changes that we should know about.

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  • Donna

    After the update, my phones reception dramatically improved!!

  • Brandon

    For some reason, my incredible seems to be less responsive since the update. I know that sounds weird and shouldn't happen with such a small update, but on a clean start the phone just gets sluggish and scrolling through menus seems somewhat choppy.

  • Guest

    Looks like I was making it up (about the landscape thing being fixed). Full report here:

  • Guest

    I think I have at least one bug fixed… I don't have problems anymore with landscape-mode textfields only updating/redrawing if the text entry was /started/ in landscape mode.

    There's still:
    …the Compact QWERTY "I'm" problem (most aggravating)
    …the camera crashing when flash is turned on (after a few pictures)
    …frequent mms process hangs and crashes (hard to reproduce at will)

  • #1 Steeler Fan

    anone know the latest regarding the firmware update for the Droid Incredible???