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HTC Droid Incredible: Do you have signal strength problems?

Despite only being released a few days ago on Verizon, it seems like the HTC Droid Incredible has one potentially major flaw relating to signal strength on the phone.

As reported from Phandroid, owners of both the Motorola Droid and the new HTC Incredible have noticed that in some areas, signal remains stronger on the Droid, rather than the Incredible.

We recently learned that Verizon issued an OTA update for the device but the contents of the update are still unknown – perhaps they fixed up this problem?

A poll over at Phandroid has concluded that out of nearly 2500 votes so far, the majority of them have low signal bars on their Incredible, but call quality was still great.

Have a look at their article for more info. Are you having signal problems on your handset?


  • Bill

    The difference between -85 dBm and -65 dBm is a factor of 100X in signal power.

  • Brandon

    My Incredible has fewer/more erratic bars than other phones, but it's a different story when I go into settings and compare actual signal strength numbers. Side-by-side with a Motorola Droid, the Incredible will have two bars while the Droid has 4… but comparing the numbers, the Incredible is at -85 and the Droid is at -84. Not really a big difference. However, side-by-side with the Eris, the Eris does have a significantly better signal (-85 to -65 approximately). All things considered, as long as I don't have any choppy/dropped calls, I'm happy.

    Also, on the battery front, the first few days I had the Incredible, the battery would barely last from 10am to midnight. (It usually died right after midnight). Today I unplugged it at 10am like always and it's still over 3/4 full at 11:23pm. I know they get better as you do full charge/depletion cycles, but that's a pretty big change literally overnight. The only other thing I did was uninstall Advanced Task Killer, which I think was hurting more than it helped.


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