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Halo Reach Recap: Release date, beta codes, and editions

Halo reach should be available later today, so we thought this was the perfect opportunity to have a recap on what we know so far. It had been assumed that the download would be available in the early afternoon GMT, early afternoon ET and early evening PT.

Upon further study of this, we have just learned that GMT will not get the download before the US; they will now get it around the same time as the US – early evening. This does make sense, as the U.S. is the biggest market for the popular game franchise.

As for these Halo Reach Beta codes, we recently learned that JoyStiq had 25 to give away for free. All you had to do to be able to win one of these codes was to visit their Facebook thread. You then had to leave a comment, which would then show your Gamertag. We wonder how many of you entered to get one of these codes?

Halo Reach will be the last Halo game developed by developer Bungie – this is certainly a sad game for fans of the franchise. We just hope that 343 Industries will be able do the franchise justice – they certainly have some big shoes to fill.

Once you download Halo Reach let us know what you thought.



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