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Halo Reach: Bungie DLC after release despite Activision deal

Following on from the news that Bungie has signed a 10 year deal with Activision, the developer has stated that they will continue to support Halo Reach on the Xbox 360 after release.

As reported from VG247, Halo Reach will be Bungie’s last Halo title, as future titles will now be handled by Microsoft – with the company likely to announce a new developer for their franchise soon.

In a recent interview with Develop, community manager Brian Jarrard had this to say on the matter: “Microsoft still owns the Halo IP, but we will still support Reach post-release and we have a great relationship with our community.”

So there we have it. If you were worrying that the game wouldn’t be receiving any Bungie DLC after release later on this year, think again.

Let us know your thoughts on this. Sad to see them leave or happy with a new direction for the game?


  • Casey

    i they bring a dlc with a drivable pelican and phantom in forge world or something that would be cool for machinamas and mucking aroung so yer i so wish they would bring that out considering its there last halo game!!!!!

  • Dare

    Thumbs up if Halo should NEVER STOP!

  • Burton098

    I think DLC will ruin halo reach. within a few months they will have "new" map packs out that they probably just decided not to put in. I dont understand how in halo 3 they advertised that they are selling maps but took away playlists and made them DLC only. So really they say "heres the game for 50 dollars, is it fun? do you like it? well pay 10 dollars and we will let you play it more." IT DOESNT MAKE SENSE! They could just make a new category. Ranked, Social, or DLC. One day im playin team swat the next "oh no you can only play team slayer and lone wolves…" And the same thing will happen within the first 6months to a year of reach…

    • Gues

      Tottaly agree with this. I wanna get away from mw2 and go into halo 3, but pretty much everything is dlc required. In mw2 if you buy the new maps , it will pair you up with other guys with the new map. The gamers without the new maps play with others without new maps. Somehow, bungie doesn't get this…

      • Alex

        It is a simple way of getting you to buy the dlc.

        But really if you cant buy new maps for 800ms points after a full 6 months of release you are either really cheap or you dont enjoy the game. In which case you shouldnt get to play in certain playlists.

  • Joshuerk

    Yeh i'm not sad that bungie is leaving the halos, reach will be playable for many many years to come with the new graphics and many different styles to play it, i'm really interested to see what bungie will make with future games though, all i can think of is a game like portal or something puzzling like that.
    i dont see why they'd make more fps' it'd just be the same in a different time and setting.
    but all the best and cant wait for reach and its dlcs the game looks amazing.

  • Inferi

    I love Halo as much as the next guy, but I for one am glad Bungies moving in a new direction. Bungie grabbed the FPS genre and gave it a good spanking, revolutionizing a stale genre in the process. Its about time they did it to a new genre.

  • Sean

    Wth! Bungie dont let them ruin one of the best gaming titles of ALL TIME!!!!! We,ur fans,action fans,halo fans,bungie fans dont want halo to become ”halo mw2”…improve ur gameplay if u want but dont give it away!–Sean, a worried gamer….

  • Justified911

    it is sad to see them go as well as the ensemble studios that created halo wars. i would love to have a halo wars 2 more than another halo

    • Darren


      • david

        hell no

  • Moose

    be nice to see halo go in a new direction but Bungie really did hit the mark with Halo so it would be interesting to see if it innovates or goes the way of C.O.D and Sonic for example, still Microsoft would not want to do that with games galore so its possible releases will still be rare and the game will vastly improve each time.


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