Apple’s Lala Service: Web-based iTunes coming in June?

It has been reported that Apple has closed down their cloud-based music service Lala, despite only acquiring it in December last year. Apple are still allowing member access to music collections online until May 31st, to which the service will then be taken offline completely.

As Wired reports, no specific reason has been given for the closure of the service, although speculation is mounting that Apple are planning to launch a cloud-based web version of their popular iTunes service.

While this would be a welcome move for music lovers not familiar with Lala, it now means that existing customers would have to transfer their music over to iTunes. However, Apple are offering 1 free iTunes download for every 10 songs that you purchased on Lala – so it isn’t all bad.

What are your thoughts on the impending closure of Lala. Are you angry over the news, or are you more excited about a web version of iTunes?


  • Ms. P

    I have not had the chance to use itunes, however, I loved lala and I have several thousand songs that I have downloaded and to have to transfer or download again is and will be very inconvenient. I loved turning on my pc and letting my list play random selections that I can hear all through my home…Thanks Apple for the inconvenience!


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