iPhone 4G: 5-megapixels, should there be more?

By Gary Johnson - May 2, 2010

With the speculation regarding any future iPhone 4G release reaching fever pitch, with many new alleged features reported daily. We recently ran a story regarding any new iPhone4G, and its supposed 5-megapixel camera.

But is this a good enough camera for any new phone coming out today? We compared the rumored iPhone 4G recently with Nokia’s new N8 and its 12 mega-pixel camera, complete with Carl Zeiss optics and a Xenon flash. Nokia’s old favorite the N95 had a 5 mega-pixel camera and that was released over three years ago!

So with any official announcement on the iPhone 4G not expected until the WWDC 2010 in June, we will have to just wait and see. Is 5-megapixels enough for any new iPhone camera? How many more megapixels would you like to see? Let us know your views.

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  • hardyharhar

    It all has to do with the size of the sensor and lens quality. If the sensor is tiny and crammed with MP's then the picture quality may not be as good as one with less density. (especially in low light situations) Many 5MP cameras take better pictures than 8MP cameras. I trust that the new iphone will take decent photos whether its a 5MP or 8MP or 12MP. Since I find myself always trying to take pictures at night or indoors with my cell.. I would opt for a tiny sensor 5MP over a tiny sensor 8 or 12MP camera. You'll find that the big names in photography like Canon and Nikon are all bumping down their MP count on many of their pro DSLR cameras for this very reason. A 5MP sensor with a nice wide/fast lens will do just fine for what you need out of cell phone pictures. It shouldnt make much of a difference if its a 5 or 8 MP…. buttttttt since most people think they will be inferior to their friends with new sprint HTC Evo or other new Android phones… It becomes an important marketing tool… I'd expect Apple to be releasing something that matches it's rivals. I have tried some of these new phones and none of them compare to the Apple operating system, ease of use, and feel. Thats where Im sold on the iphone.

  • GrowUp

    You people know nothing about cameras. It is not just about megapixels on a smartphone with their smalls lens. There is a reason why the 3GS 3 megapixel camera is better than 95% of the other smartphones with a 5 megapixel lens. You people need to grow up in do some research. Geez the 3GS doesn'e even have a flash and still take better pics than most.

    OhHerro Apple does not need your money anyway.

  • Jacob W

    There is a difference between Hardware and Software. And while other phones can have different/better hardware in one way or another. (usually the camera) That doesn't mean the User Experience will be better. Apple's Software, apps, and User Experience is a lot higher and more important than just the 5 megapixels. And what if those 5 megapixels could be used in a way that 8 or 9 megapixel cameras can't?

  • richard

    8 megapixel camera is what i'm hoping for…..
    but anything less than 6.0 and there's no way i'm getting it

  • Zope

    Who the heck lets people like OhHerro on the Internet. This is why we can't have nice things.

    • ZopeLuvsDope

      Who the heck [allows] people like Grandpa Zope on [teh Internetz?] Your second sentence is invalid. (p.s. Two camels in a tiny car. Google it if you don't know what it's from)

  • OhHerro

    If the next iPhone only has 5 megapixels, I’m not buying it. That would be Apple’s biggest rip-off scam to date.