PBteen Ottoman Beds Recall: 2010 April Household Products

April 2010 has seen another month of recalls that include products you may have in your home, and these recalls seem to repeat the same words, “lead in paint”. Have you been affected by excessive lead in a product you bought?

According to abc4, PBteen issued an Ottoman beds recall early last month that involved around 3,000 beds that included the registration number “CA -31586(TW)”. These ottomans can be turned into a twin-sized bed or used to sit on. Read the full details in this article on

MSN has published a special article today on the issue of excessive levels of lead in paint, and they have focused on a few industries, one includes household products recalled in April.

The products they focused on for April included: Decorative Wood Chests and Tables, Roman Shades and Roll-Up Blinds, Crate and Barrel’s exclusive Glass water bottles, Six Tier Chrome Shelving, and PBteen Ottoman Beds.

You can read more about these product recalls in MSN’s article here. Have you been concerned over the excessive levels of lead in paint lately? Let us know in the comments.



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